Love to Be Nude

I can not remember a time when I did not like being nude or at lest partially nude. When I was a little girl seems like I was always in the back yard nude. As I got a little older seems like the neighborhood boys were always peeking through the fence. As far as I know there are no real nudist in our family but there are a lot of nude people. Dad, mom and my brother were nude quite often.

My in-laws from my first marriage liked to get nude also and they would go skinny dipping with my husband and I. My three husbands used to like me to get nude in front of their friends. It always became more than that.

Now that I am single and living alone I can be nude as much as I want  and that is most of the time.  

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6 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Naked sailing has it's benefits!

Very well stated mewold, thanks for summing it up so nicely!

Nudity is a lifestile which should not br forced on others but should not be denied us. It is, after all, the natural state of the human body.

It is refreashing to hear of others who embrace the need to be nude. Congrats.

nude is right. Have fun with it. This summer there will be places where you can go to be with others who like being nude. There are places open in the winter, but I'm afraid I would swrink to a iney instead of a outy.

Good for you and enjoy your freedom!