It Cost Me Once When I Was On Vacation...

Nudity is a great love of mine, I honestly can't think of anything I like more than being naked. Soothing, relaxing, natural, as long as your confident, what more could you want? My confidence was tested one time when I was up in Maine with my one of my friends.

See, last year in May, one of my female friends and I were up at some house her parents owned in Maine for a week. We were there because her parents were going to sell it soon ,and she wanted to go up one last time for nostalgia's sake, and asked me to go with her. It was just the two of us, and I didn't get to spend a lot of time nude because 1) it was rather cold and 2) This friend I was with wasn't really comfortable with nudity. I knew she wasn't because one time at another friend's house, we all wanted to go for a swim, but none of us had our swimsuits. I suggested that, since we were all girls and friends, we just go naked. But she protested and refused, and eventually left because she didn't want to do it with us or even watch us do it.


So, back to the story, I knew she didn't like nudity but she didn't know I loved it. I didn't want to make her uncomfortable, so I stayed dressed. I slept wearing this violet bathrobe too, so that she wouldn't walk in on me or I wouldn't accidentally get up at night and walk around without realising where I was because of me being tired or something. One morning, I woke up early and walked down toward the deck. It was a rather brisk morning and I just felt the need to take a step outside to wake me up a bit, since I was tired and a cool breeze usually does it for me. Once I was out there and fully awake, I thought about something. I didn't see my friend on the walk down here, so, I  figured she was still asleep. I decided to take off the bathrobe I was wearing, because I wanted some nudity on this trip, if only for the few minutes I was alone. So I took it off, and  placed on a hook inside. I took a few steps outside again, and just started walking over to the edge. That was when I heard a *snap* and Turned to see that my friend just took a picture of me. We both laughed, so I was relieved that she was apparently okay with my nudity. I apologized for my disposition, and she said it was fine. But, as i walked over to the door, she closed and locked it.


I asked her to open it, and she said "no." SO, I had to carefully climb down from this balcony, still naked by the way. There was another roof lower down, so I climbed down, and from there jumped to a lower ones, and climbed down some hanging vines near it. I felt like a naked ninja. But, I fell towards the bottom and bruised my butt. So much for being a ninja. I then had to walk back around to the front of the house (It was rather long walk, the house was big) and bang on the door. She opened a window and yelled down to me that she'd only open the door if I went to her neighbor's house (which was about HALF A MILE away) and get back the shovel they borrowed the day before. So, in the cold, I walked to the house in my birthday suit. Some girl answered the door, I asked for the shovel and apologized to her about my disposition. She laughed, handed it over, and I walked back. At that point, I had enough nudity and no longer cared that I had to be clothed every day up until then. Haha, but since I do LOVE being nude, it wasn't THAT big a deal I guess.
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Great Story! Glad to hear all worked out well.

I hope you enjoy that experience looking back on it. It's a shame you fell and hurt yourself - maybe that dented your resilience. Though at least you had the balls to walk naked to the neighbour and have a conversation with a stranger - well done you!

Sounds like a good laugh... glad you all enjoyed it.

Great story. Lol!

Sounds very fun, you probably had a big adrenalin rush.

Very nice story,i have experienced that a few times,by someone and doing it myself.

Good story. Being confident is good too. Me I'm comfortable in my skin and not ashamed about the way I look but not too proud .

Well done you!

You can come to my house (nude) any time. lol

I must agree with NudyDude one of the best stories you wrote, yes short but one of your most daring, was it exciting going that far or were you freaked a bit with te walk along a road, you could of had something happen, glad nothing did.<br />
<br />
You should of dared her to do something in the buff and then taken a picture of her just to make her think about taking it all off and you two have one of your trips, to see if she liked it.

Great story. You, my dear, have more guts than I. But I would have been arrested.

I did encounter some haha

You had to walk half a mile one-way? Did you not encounter any traffic?

Yeah, I like it too. Naked Ninja, alliteration haha. And thank you HStoner.

Impressively athletic

I would join you.But it very cold there there.In india its hot but very dangerous from police side and other thing is that you may be gang raped easily.