Love To Be Watched And Paid For It

Over the past month or so me and my partner have started performing live sex shows over the internet for people willing to donate a bit of money to us. I love the thought of being watched and people getting off over it. How did this come about? Well we have amazing hot, dirty sex together and one day we decided to film a bit of one of our sessions using the webcam on a laptop i recently got mainly because we both wanted to see how it looked from other angles, both of us had briefly tried this with previous partners e.g. a few pics on a mobile phone etc but had deleted them in shock and awkwardness immediately following. When we played back the footage of ourselves going at it we were amazed and instantly turned on by how (excuse the narcissism) unbelievably sexy and raw it looked, it felt like we were watching our favourite ****, we had always joked about how we should be paid to ****, and now after watching the footage we decided that thats exactly what we should do. My partner had been considering going back to doing topless waitressing and was very bummed out on the thought of it, we saw this as a way to make a bit of extra money a week to at least cover our rent. Neither of us really want to be recorded by others and have our shows go viral across the net and have friends and family find out and neither of us wanted to join a cam site and have some arsehole make money off our ahem ahem "art". We posted on a couple of classified sites and were messaged by a fair few people, mostly just trying to get a free show, pics, conversation, escort service, bt we also got a few genuine replies, a couple of replies put us at ease mainly from middle aged to older gentlemen who just wanted a bit of titilation and to have an ongoing relationship with us. Our first show was a blast and we got very ******* turned on seeing ourselves up close on screen having raw, dirty who gives a **** sex! the way our bodies interacted with eachother and how the act looked so kinky and slutty made me wanna do it everyday! unfortunately it is incredibly hard finding decent customers who aren't just out to get somethin for free (nothin against those people, im all for free **** when ya can get it). So stumbled across this site and thought i would share and see if there are others out there like me because funnily enough its not a topic that comes up with friends or down at the pub all that often.
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2 Responses Aug 3, 2010

sounds like fun! profitable too.

im interested in doing the same. what were the classified sites you posted on? how much did you charge , and how did you collect the money? im trying to make extra money while im in school. im a 34yr old fem and my boyfriend is 58 so, i think we could do well. im clueless though, so plz help