The Importance Of Being Present

For a long time I would allow my mind to create and embellish on phantom conversations that I may have in the future or envisioning the outcome of different scenarios.  While sometimes this is creative, often I would spend the time against myself and creating stress and drama inside that need never exist.  I came to be so tired of putting myself through this emotional roller coaster for no reason even though I would try to deceive myself into thinking I'm searching for solutions.  Then I learned  two things.  YOU control your mind. and  Become Present. 

By being present you are aware of all of your surroundings.  The color of the sky, the green of trees, the grey of the asphalt.  You become aware of the blood running through your veins, the feel of your skin, your life force travel ling through you.  This act of being "Present"  means that I put aside all the daily drama that we create.  I step outside that, remembering that it is all ego.  I envision my life force/aura glowing which gives me mental strength to go past the silly human problems we create for ourselves and see everyone and everything as all connected and these dramas are little bumps in the road not the life altering problem we see it to be. 

This act of Being Present allows you to center yourself whenever you need it.  It helps to catch you before you let yourself get carried away and eat away at your tranquility.  For more information on how to get Present, I rec commend Eckarht Tolle's books.  He has helped me a lot.

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1 Response Mar 9, 2010

I do that too.. phantom through worst case scenarios in my head. I'm working on being present now.. not quite there yet but more frequently, and quickly, i catch myself drifting and bring myself back to the actual present. Thanks for sharing! :)