Sissy Perm Done In The Window

As usual I love getting all dolled up to go out, this time how ever was different. Going to the mall to get my hair permed again as its that time again when the curls seem to loosen right up and my hair looks alot longer but not as volumed. I had just got my new outfit and i wanted to wear it for this ocassion. I had pink with white pokadot panties and white glimmery tights, several layers of white petticoats. My dress was a shinny white with lots of lace that zipped up at the back and also had a big bow. I also had on white 4 inch heel anklet boots with frilly lace socks that drapped over my booties. My dress stuck right out exposing my petticoats and if i twirled just right you could see the panties. I grabbed my white frilly umbrella and made my way down to the mall. As i entered the mall i always get my surprized looks from people as walking down the mall always draws so much attention with my shoes making quit the racket on the floors. Upon ariving at the hair salon i go to i noticed that the place had been renovated my hair dresser was no longer working there and was introduced to a new girl and this other girl who was learning the ropes. I was quickly seated by the rather large store front window where people constantly walked by and could see in. I thought to myself this was going to be quit the experience, i was to be put on display while my hair was being done. We talked about what i wanted in a hair style and make it perfectly clear that i wanted a super tight ringlet perm and that the curls would be kept tightly rolled about pencil thick and unchanged when unrolled. After several hours of putting perm rods in with both girls working at it, I was ready to be permed. I did get alot of looks from the people walking by. I was facing kitty corner at my mirror where i could see myself and to the left of me people were starting to stop and look inside. I felt like a barbie doll. I had an endless mass of ringlets with the rods in my hair and they felt really tight. Some time had passed and it was finally time to remove all the rodes and view my endless mass of ringlets which were very tight and clung to my head but very thick. Some sparkle was added to my new do along with some hair spray and i was done. The two girls treated me like a true princess as they smiled endlessly at me. As i payed for my perm i did rather collect quit a crowd of people who could not stop looking at me. This crowd got larger as i walked out of the hair salon and made my way out. I must admit i love being treated this way. If i could relive a day this would be the one.
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Sounds like some great advertising for the salon too! Where was this?

at the end of the day i look at myself in the mirror and i know i am a full fledged sissy with all the bells and whistles and nothing will change that. I no longer care what people think of me, I am my own person and will see to it that everyone knows that I am a true sissy and that i love all things having to do with being super fem.

Sounds awesome! Glad you can enjoy being a sissy at such a young age!

A wonderful story with great details. I would so love to experience the same thing.