To Those Who Lost a Loved One and Survived:

The death of my younger sister opened my eyes to another life I was not aware existed. Day after day I go through life without her by my side, only within my heart. Her love is with me everyday and has helped me find this life that has been waiting for me. During this journey in my new life I noticed two things that are keys to my lifelong happiness: Because when things seem at there worst, there's always something wonderful that happens to set it right. Be aware of your surroundings & take note of it's purpose, you will be pleasantly surprised. Secondly, I am not here for myself, my purpose is to help and be the best human being to others. Selfless. All my love to you my Bright, Talented and Loving sister. You truly have given me the greatest gift of all!  I miss you terribly.

sweetlinus sweetlinus
36-40, F
1 Response Jun 4, 2007

I know wh erever she is right now she's happy watching u moving on w/ ur life.Take Care :)