As most of you that have read some of my stories know,I grew up in a neighborhood full of divorced women.Miss Jackie was no exception. She was a school teacher that lived next door with her 6 year old son. She was also a regular customer at Miss Judys beauty parlour and I had shampooed her a few times. She had also seen me in rollers many many times. I also had babysat for her from time to time.
Well on night I had a paper to write and also needed help with my math homework. Sometimes I had trouble focusing and paying attention like a lot of 14 year old boys. So my mother called Miss Jackie to have her help me with my homework.
When I arrived and knocked on the door she called out for me to come in. She said "I'm in the kitchen".
I walked around the corner to see her bent over the sink in a skirt and bra with a towel around her shoulders wetting her hair in the running water.
I asked if I should come back later and she said definately not! " come over here and shampoo my hair for me. She had a bar stool next to her and then sat on it still bent over the sink. I put my books down and walked over to her. She handed me a bottle of protien 21 shampoo and said get to it .
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Such a sweet story- all of it. I am glad that Miss Jackie found the daughter she longed for. And the daughter seems pretty happy as well!

To continue...
I picked up the bottle of shampoo, opened it and poured some in my hand. I applied it to her hair and began to work it into a lather. She crossed her arms and laid them on the counter then leaned back a little and put her chin on her arms.She closed her eyes as continued to shampoo her hair. She said " you do this very well". I kept shampooing for quite a few minutes, then she told me its time to rinse and roll. I had her lean forward and rinsed the shampoo and applied some conditioner, worked it through and rinsed. I wrapped her hair in a towel and sat her up. She walked over to her kitchen table where she had a large tray of rollers, combs, clips and dippity do seting gel. She said "OK roll me up" so I began to comb and section her hair. Then dipped the comb in the gel and ,ombed up a small section and placed the roller and wound it tight and clipped it in place using her roller clips.I set the top with larger rollers for volume and the sides with some smaller rollers for curls. I finished setting her and used a black net to secure the set. She stood up and walked into her bathroom to look in the mirror. She giggled and said Miss judy and your mom taught you well. Very nice!!

after that Miss Jackie picked up a brown robe and told me to take off my shirt and put the robe on and sit down on the bar stool in front of the sink. She looked at me and smile and said "your turn". She wrapped a towel around my shoulders and had me lean forward into the sink as she turned on the water and checked the temperature. She began to wet my hair with the sprayer and when my hair was saturated she turned off the water. She picked up the bottle of shampoo and poured some in her hands and applied them to my hair and began to work it up into a lather. I loved hearing the sounds of her lathering my hair. I did the same thing she did when I was shampooing her, folded my arms on the counter and put my chin on them as she shampooed. after a few minutes she had my lean forward and rinsed the shampoo then did a second application of shampoo and lathered it up. I always love the second shampooing it always lathers much more than the first. She said "this is nice, I have always wanted a daughter to do girly thing with" maybe you can come over more often and we can do this again. I told her that I would like that very much. She leaned me forward and rinsed the shampoo and applied a conditioner and worked it through for a few minutes then rinsed. She wrapped the towel around my hair and sat me up. She then had me sit at the kitchen table with the roller tray in front of me and the clips where I could reach them. She had me open my math book and looked at my homework and said "ok we can work on this while I set your hair, now that I have you as a captive audience" She began to comb and section my hair and dipped the comb in the dippity do and combed up my hair section by section and rolled the curlers down firmly as we discussed my math homework. Believe it or not I was able to concentrate and understand it now and was focused. I finished my homework as she was rolling my hair. She netted me and I went to look at my set in the mirror. It was sure a lot of rollers and I LOVED IT.

We were both rolled and netted and sat down to discuss the paper I had to right. I had a rough draft that Miss Jackie read. She got up and went to her bathroom and brought out her make up and nail polishes and told me to stay seated. She took my right hand and placed it on the table and began to polish my nails as we discussed the paper. When my polish was dry I got to polish hers. She then started on my face with some pressed powder, eye shadows, eye liner, then mascarra and finally lipstick. She said L this is fun, promise me you will let me do this again especially since I don't have a daughter to do. Girls things with". I promised her I would come over once a week for some girly time. I finished my paper and we talked for a while longer then I walked home. Rollers, make up and nail polish etc. My mother loved it. Turns out she knew since her and Miss Jackie set it up. After that I got to do my homework in rollers.