Shirtless Going To Work

Greetings to all men without shirts. I am a member of this group only for a few days. Usually I walk to work every day (weather permitting) a journey of about 6 km. The road I walk to and from work is through many rural areas that urbane.Ho decided to go this route to get to the workplace every day always shirtless ... and was fantastico.Nice and early in the morning when the air is fresh and it felt so good just walk with urban areas showing the my chest and feel so confident.Indeed I got many admiring glances by many women and some men (being gay was quite pleased about that!) But the best thing was when a guy was coming towards me in the opposite direction, he saw me shirtless, and he removed his shirt too, we exchanged smiles and admiring glances while we spent every other.It felt so good if I had my way i would bring not ever even a shirt, so it was refreshing to feel the morning air around my chest. Repeat the same on Monday. Thanks guys for taking the time to read this.
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I'm a pool guy some times I do my pools shirtless just to get my lady clients horny!

I enjoy the time I can be shirtless which is usually only when out for a run here in the city. It is fun to take the elevator down in the building without a shirt and then go down the sidewalk headed to the park and running trails.

You should try going into a shop with your shirt off before you have your run. It is an awesome feeling to be inside a shop or mall with a bare chest

Hey, man, always nice to inspire another guy!!

i worked on a south pacific island when i got out of the navy. we had to wear a shirt to work and to the chow hall. rest of the time no shirt. i got suntanned. the local men seldom wore shirts either. same thing, to work. rest of the time no shirt. i jacked off every nighrt thinking of some of them. never did anything sexual with any of them. did **** a couple of women tho.

nice story, i really like it.

Cool. I go shirtless a lot too. The summer I worked with my brother painting houses we went shirtless to work every day and I stayed shirtless the whole summer. I think all guys should be able to go to work shirtless no matter where they work. That would be cool. I'd like to be able to go to school shirtless the whole day rather than just in gym class. I think a lot of guys would do that too.

Awsome man

It's awesome to be shirtless everywhere. Keep it up. I tried to add you as a friend, but it won't let me -- add me!

Good story, I am shirtless when ever I can to.

Good for u mate!! Glad u feel like that! And I'd like to see lonnie topless swell hehe xxx