Spanking With Discretion

I have had the priviledge to have worked with several Ladies who have felt the needing a spanking for many years but have done nothing about it. They have researched and wondered about spanking but never told anyone Most have never been spanked.

They have looked at implements such as spoons, hairbrushes, blets, dog collars and etc at stores and wondered and even researched spanking words.

They have watched spanking movies or read articles of love stories with spankings.

They have fanaticized about being spanked or even self-spanked but never satisfied.

Always feel the need wanted a good spanking.

Perhaps, you have had playful spankigs in different setting by needed more.

Most are good girls who don't want anyone to know. They think, dram, and wonder about good spankings. By looking at them, you would never know and they want it that way.

Some flet even from childhod that something was needed and that being spanked for different reasons or needed even more than what they got. It has taken a while to figure what was missing and it ws the feelings which come from a good spanking. Multiple and comples feelings...

I understand as I havfe talked in length with women who have done this!! It has intrigued me as to how long it has taken them to do something about their feelings or to get the feelings back. I am here to help open up about their feelings and give a safe spanking environment. I am here for non-sexual purposes.

I am strictly discrete, private and very safe. I only host for more privacy and to make sure it is a good spanking (not erotic or play)

I host in Columbus Ohio and my email is:

aspanker43232 aspanker43232
61-65, M
Nov 29, 2012