Spanked At Work

When I started my first job in a office the boss would punish me each week if I did anything wrong or made a mistake by taking me in his private office and he would make me bend over his desk whilst he lifted my pleated skirt and spanked me with a magazine or hair brush , He also made me wear a short pleated skirt and blouse each time and I would have to change in front of him if I was not wearing a skirt or dress .
The things you do when you start your first job.
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I'm sure there are many more ladies out there who "suffered" a similar fate. Also, I'm sure many young men found themselves bending over I wonder how many of these people (male and female) will share their experiences with us?

What do you think about him spanking you? Add me please.

I am sure you deserved it, and sure he enjoyed it.

I find it happens a great deal.. When i hired an Admin. Assistant- i purposefully wrote an ad that stated the highest work standards were required, Great Pay and Benefits, but there would be discipline for poor work. I received a great many resumes for the job. Single and Married woman. I was very upfront, and found greatly aroused by the process, and found that the women that i hired over the years had some of the same needs and desires.. It was a wonderful time and still enjoy the sessions to this day.

They called them "the good old days" and they were just that. Then we became so P.C. Progress? Rubbish.

I feel sure there are many more, "I was spanked at work" stories out there, just waiting to be told. Especially by our older members. The '50's and '60's was indeed a rife time for such actions.

In my first job we had to wear a uniform which included a pleated skirt ,plus when I was at school I was regularly spanked and had my pleated skirt lifted up for a spanking when I was naughty . He never took it any further because although I think he would have liked too. I did complain to a female member of staff and she just laughed and she said grow up Girly ,you must have asked for it . I only stayed there for about six months and I moved to another job .

Did it ever go any farther than just spanking, why did you put up with it?