The Hardest Strapping I Have Ever Experienced

Ever since I was a kid and my father used to threaten to strap me with his thick belt, but never did, I've been intrigued with what it would be like. Closest I came was one time when I was about 9 years old, don't remember what I had done but there I was in the living room on all fours with my bare *** stuck in the air, with my pyjama bottoms down around my ankles, my dad had his belt off and I could feel the leather against me but he never used it on me. Damn! I think I would rather have just gotten it then than be constantly threatened with it.

When I was in my teens, he had by then discarded his thick belt and I would use it on myself - applying as many strokes, swinging hard as I could, and giving myself as many as I could take. I would record it with a tape recorder and listen to it afterwards.

About three years ago I discovered kijiji and posted a personal ad on there looking for a man to discipline me. It took some time but eventually did connect with someone. I was naked and layed on a pile of pillows and the strap was applied to my bare *** - about 25 strokes the first time around, by the second time I took 25 this way then another 25 bent over a bench. Then a couple more occasions where I got it: once bent over an easy chair and another time standing and bent over with my hands against the wall. The belt didn't bite as much these last couple times so I felt like I wasn't really getting the full effect.

One thing I wanted to experience was to not be so much in control of what happened to me and also for it to be rather severe and unpleasant. After all, that's what a strapping is about, right? So the 6th time I got strapped is the one I'm going to get into detail about and is the most severe strapping I've had to date, and by far the best or worst.

My wife was away for the weekend so I made contact with a man who had previously strapped me. The first time he strapped me was right to the strap and it really hurt even though I only got 50 strokes. So for the second time he strapped me, I requested and received a hand spanking as a warm up but the problem was the strapping was't nearly as bad. So I decided this time there would be no warm up. It was also suggested that I shave my ***. So I borrowed some of that Neat hair removal cream of my wife's and got all the hair off my *** it sure felt smooth afterwards! It was also suggested that I be restrained. I've never been restrained before but liked the idea. I purchased some 2-sided velcro straps and a 6-foot piece of nice thick soft rope. My punisher was willing to let me decide the position in which I would be strapped so I then set about trying out different positions over various pieces of furniture in the house. I settled on a standing position against our universal gym. There was a hook about a foot above my head that would be a perfect place to fasten my wrists and there was a leg apparatus for lifting weights that would be a perfect place to bind my legs.

With all preparations made, I spent the time waiting by watching movie clips at spankingcentral where young guys were bent over and lashed on their bare ***** with a doubled belt or a prison strap. The strappings were hard and the young men were screaming in pain with every stroke....I was actually looking forward to that being me screaming in pain like that.

When my punisher arrived at the appointed time, I showed him the movie clips with the guys getting strapped...hard....and indicated that's what I wanted to experience too. Then we went down to the basement and the universal gym where I showed him how I wanted to be positioned for my strapping. Then I peeled off my shirt and my sweat pants and was completely naked. He wrapped a velcro strap around each wrist and fastened them to the hook over my head, then secured my legs with the thick rope. I had purchased a new belt for the occasion. It was 42 inches long and about 2 inches wide. The leather was the thickest I could find - doubled it was 5/16 inch thick - this was going to pack a punch. I had left it on a chair nearby, doubled and ready to go.

So there I stood, completely naked, wrists and legs tied to the universal gym, ready to face the strap, or more accurately my bare *** ready to face the strap. My punisher asked me if I was ready and I had no sooner said yes when he let the first stroke fly. It caught me by surprise and took my breath away a bit but I counted out “one”, then three more in pretty fast succession left me panting and out of breath but I managed to call out the count after each one. The strokes were definitely coming at full force and without mercy. The hard lashing continued to 10 then 20 and it took until about then for me to catch my breath....then onto 30, 40, 50....I had not actually specified how many I wanted to receive...I wanted to take as many as I could and had asked my punisher to continue on until I asked for him to stop, but then to give me 10 more after that point. The strokes were hard and really hurt. I managed to take most with pretty good composure but as the numbers increased I started screaming out with many of the strokes. The pain was very *** was on fire!

I recall looking straight down at one point and was surprised to see that I was semi-erect and there was pre-*** that had splashed onto the exercise machine. Another stroke connected while I was looking down and I watched my **** flop around from the force of the stroke before my head shot up as I yelled in pain.

I persevered and the strapping continued with the strokes coming about every 10 seconds or so....although it often felt like a lot longer that I was waiting for the next stroke to land. By about the 60th or 70th stroke I was getting exhausted and was just hanging by my Velcro-tethered wrists, which I think made my *** stick out a bit – must have made a more inviting target because I recall some pretty hard strokes when I did that, causing me to stand bolt upright as the next stroke landed. I continued to scream in pain louder and louder with each stroke. By about the 75th stroke I felt like I was starting to break and my voice was starting to sound more laboured as I announced the count after each stroke. But I wasn’t ready to ask him to stop just yet and he continued to lash my very sore *** with that heavy leather belt. The 80th to 90th strokes really made me jump – I was really screaming in pain with each hard lash of the strap now and I was really jumping as each stroke landed. The pain was incredible. After the 90th stroke, my punisher asked me if I had enough and I panted out a yes....but there was still 10 strokes to go, as I had originally requested.

I had also purchased a prison strap – the business end was something fierce: 16 inches long piece of solid leather that is about 3 ½ inches wide and almost ½ inch thick. Plus there was holes in the leather. There was a wood handle at the end. I had left this hanging on a wall around the corner so it was available if I decided I wanted to feel it. I’ve never had it used on me aside from a couple self-administered test strokes and even those hurt like hell. I figured the intense strapping with the belt that I had just undergone would be a good warm up to take the prison strap so I told my punisher where to find the prison strap. He located it then I could hear it swishing through the air several times as he tested it and got the feel for it. Then it got quiet and SMACK! “One” I called out. That wasn’t so bad. The next one was harder. As was the next. I was screaming out just as loud as I had under the belt. The prison strap was also exhausting and I was grateful when the 10th stroke had been given. My right *** cheek took the worst of the prison strap as that’s where the end landed with each stroke.

My strapping now complete, my legs then my wrists were untied. I immediately reached back to inspect the damage with my hands and my god was my *** ever swollen! A large ***** about 5 inches high and right across my *** was swollen and numb and extremely sore at the same time. The heat that emanated from my freshly strapped *** was very intense. I tried to sit down on a soft cloth couch but immediately jumped up – I was too tender, so I opted to lay down on my front. I inspected it in the mirror and it was very red and I could also see the swelling. After about 12 hours the bruising started to show and after 22 hours I had a very large black bruise on the upper right cheek where the prison strap had connected those 10 times. Both cheeks were an angry red and lightly bruised from those 90 hard strokes with the doubled belt. The bruises would last about 2 weeks and it was very sore to sit on for the first week and still tender into the second week.

My ordeal lasted about 18 minutes. If felt longer of course. I made a sound recording with my blackberry which has allowed me to relive the ordeal to some extent, but I know it’s just a matter of time before I contact my punisher again with a request for him to come over and whip me again for real.

It felt really good to be tied and restrained by my wrists and also have my legs tied securely. I could not move and I was at the mercy of my punisher, and of course he really didn’t show me any mercy until after he had delivered 90 full force strokes to my naked, vulnerable, and freshly-shaved *** with that heavy doubled leather belt.
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Thank you enjoyed reading your Storie .

Great story and I'm sure a great experience. I've been restrained and strapped also, and loved every minute of it, even though it really hurt. My wife uses the strap like a pro, and enjoys her work. I'm going to have her read this story to give her some insight into a "real" strapping. I'm looking forward to having the same experience as you did. Keep writing.

Thanks very much for your comment in reply to mine. I feel that being restrained would indeed give me an incredible sense of freedom. Now that I recall I have been restrained by being secured to a St Andrews cross on two occasions. One of these times was by a pro-dom in training. On that occasion I received 18 strokes of the cane after already having received 4 strokes from the main prodom I had paid to visit. That 4th stroke really hurt for which the prodom apoligised to me - I greatly appreciated the apology even though looking back on it I am sure that it would not have been genuine but part of the role play. At the time it seemed genuine and of real comfort to me. She said that she wanted to see how I received it standing up that's why I stood up and was secured to the St Andrews cross with leather handcuffs around my wrists. In any event the 18 strokes I then received were really marvelous - the best I have ever received and also the most enjoyable. Yes having ones legs secured so that when the strokes hurt so much that it makes you jump would indeed as you have experienced keep you in place. Thanks very much for highly recommending it.<br />
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I am waiting til I have money saved up so that I can visit my prodom again. I think that I would ask for a single tail leather whip to be used on me. I have seen one being used on someone and it looked really exciting and I was wishing to receive it then. It did not happen then so I am looking forward to receiving it. I just cannot immagine the pain of it but do so desire to experience it.<br />
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Once again I really do appreciate this "Experience Project" website where I can hear about and tell about these wonderful experiences with people who know what I am sharing about and who don't think that it is a strange or perveted subject to experience. It really is so lovely. Yes it does hurt but that is all part of the fun and is great to be reminded of the experience for some considerable time afterwards. Once again thanks very much.

Thank you for your comment on my story. This was my first experience with being restrained and I really enjoyed it. Ironically, being restrained gave me an incredible sense of freedom, as odd as that may sound, because I didn't have to worry about remaining in any particular position. Plus there were times where I felt so worn out that I was just hanging by my wrists, again without having to worry about maintaining any position. Another benefit with having my legs secured was that when the strokes hurt so much that it made me jump, that also kept me in place. So I highly recommend it.<br />
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I have actually ordered some real leather wrist and ankles cuffs...awaiting their arrival. Once they are here I suspect I will be asking my punisher to pay me a visit.<br />
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Another aspect I have been playing out in my mind is a roleplay scenario where I think it would be interesting to be ordered to ***** naked in one part of the house, then have my wrists and ankles shackled, then to be marched down to the punishment room then secured and punished.

Thanks very much for your story. I have never been restrained or tied up for a strapping but have imagined what it would be like. I have often thought that I would like to be secured so tightly that I could not even flinch in attempting to avoid the strap but would just have to grin (or otherwise) and bare the strapping. I have written my first ever story for the Experience Project "Me I Am the One Who Needs A Good Spanking". You may be interested in reading this story. I would certainly be interested in receiving your comments on my story.