Greatest Wish

This is one of my great fantasies. A man on each breast hungery feeding.
SweetSquirter SweetSquirter
41-45, F
8 Responses Sep 20, 2012

I will volunteer. Someones gotta do it! :)

"...sucking ur ****, nice, pls squirt over my big dangly balls as I ***** my 9 inch **** up ur ***..."

I would love to be one of the men. I have been in several mfm ********** and the women have always loved it.

I would have both your breast in my mouth at the same time and empty them for you baby.

OMG I would love to help make your dream come true.

ok, I volunteer~

I would love to feed from your breasts,, Mothers Milk is so tasty, and when it comes from a nice sexy erect nipple,, it's even better.

Well I would sure be one of them and am sure can find one more to make your wish come true....

The thing is can you let us suck as much as we want ????