One Horny Evening

It's a story of few years back. That time I used to wear panties. In the evening my boy friend came back from office. I was wearing back silk thongs (because he loves black dress on my body) and wore a white color strapless semi-transparent top. We had coffee together and then I headed towards kitchen. He was watching television in our bedroom. I was preparing dinner. He didn't make any noise and suddenly entered into the kitchen. I was chopping the vegetables. He tied my eyes.

I was surprised and asked, "Ashley, what are you doing here?"

He replied, "Just wait and feel". By listening this I understood that some naughty plan is going in his mind. I stood without moving. He also tied my hands. Then he took once ice cube and put it inside my panties. I started moaning and was going to say something, but he didn't allow. He started kissing and licking my tongue and put his right hand on the ice cube close to my *****. When it was melting he was inserting that into me. At the same time he slipped my panties on the floor.

Well it was a nice experience because cold substance was inside me whereas it was hot weather. And then by fingering me he helped me come out on his palm. But he then placed all of my hot juice on my ***** lips. After that he opened my eyes and hands, but didn't allow me to wear panties and let the juice drip through my things. 

- Kate
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3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

This sounds nice

Blindfolds are extremely fun and erotic. Gr8 story

wow - so very sexy

it was such a sexy moment for me.....even you can't imagine.......i like these kind of you like someone teasing your body???