I Usually Am

It gives me satisfaction. I have always been upbeat, positive and funny, I can't stay angry or depressed for too long. But with the onset of teenage, well things were not too good.. circumstances almost made me an depressed guy.. for almost 2 years I would get depressed time to time, when I was alone. I've never told anyone about my problems, cause I don't want to see people worried over me. For my friends, I'm someone whom they can tell their problems to. Someone who would listen to them gladly and would try to cheer them up.
Its just that the people who try to make everyone happy, are lonely inside, or have some pain buried inside, or something that is always present, in that corner of their mind, that makes them unhappy- atleast its like that for me. So that depressed me is gone and has been replaced by a helpful, crazy and positive guy again.
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Mar 17, 2012