I was fourteen, and my father's friend, the scultor and artist I mentioned in my first confession (and subsequently in my stories) Antoine, was talking to me about shapes, and female curves, and he was touching me, my shoulder, and my hip, and then my seat, and he groped me up, a finger traced through my labia to my vagina. He grew intense in touching me. He was behind me.

His talking about the female form continued. He spoke of the beauty of a vagina, as he was investigating mine! He pulled my panties down. I didn't react to what he was doing, and suddenly he pushed himself into me. It was intensely painful for some time. His movements were intoxicating, despite the continued painfulness, but this ache soon seemed to change.

The motions were frenzied, and I was squashed against the table we stood at. My elbows rested on his drawings and works, pencils were strewn across the place by our act. He was holding me there with his physique, but I was frozen in the experience. Everything grew more intensive, and he leant on me more before it suddenly ended. He had **********.

He backed away and then saw my virgin's blood, the ring of dried blood on his penis, and I saw the surprise of discomforting disbelief. The results, the soreness, and the blood mixed ***** started to ooze from me. My panties were on the floor. He retrieved them, and offered them to me, saying I should use them to wipe myself off. After seeing me do this gently, he said I ought not take my panties home in case my mother saw them in the laundry. So he kept them!

He showed me the small bathroom at the gallery, and suggested I go freshen myself and clean up a little more. I sat on the toilet, had a pee, but I was thoughtful about what had just happened to me. Before I could think to cry, he came in and suggested he take me to get something to eat, and to drink.

As we went to his car, he checked I was alright, and he told me he was so pleased with what had happened, and that he hoped I felt good about the experience, saying I should feel good about it. He told me I made him feel incredibly happy.

We had a relationship after this first sex for almost three years. I was fourteen and he was thirty-nine.
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