Caught In Panties

my girlfriend was out and i was suppose to do laundry that day, i took the hamper to the washer and started to throw the clothes in i reached in and pulled out a pair of her dirty panties i was fasinated with them and brought them to my nose the aroma was strong i dug and found another pair and did the same with them.
we had sex the night before and my *** and her drippings were evident the crotch was soaked with them.
i put on both pair and walked to our bedroom to see myself in the full length mirror as i was posing my girlfriend had come home and stepped into the bedroom catching me since i was young i had a habit of peeing myself when frightened i hadnt peed yet that morning and i really soaked those cotton panties stood there wet panties sagging trying to make an explanation she said take them off i did letting the wetness slide them off of me.
she backed me to and onto the bed i lay splayed on my back my wet butt clinging to the sheets. she left briefly and came back with straps and she tied me spread eagle to the four corners she then took the panties and sitting on my chest forced the first pair into my mouth the pee dripping down my chin she bthen took the second pair sliding them over my head the crotch positioned over my nose.
i could taste the **** go down my throat and tasted the *** soaked panties each breath in took through my nose the wet panties hugged my nose and the pee soaked crotch invaded my nose and face.she left me laying there forever it seemed. my humiliation complete
kristy61 kristy61
2 Responses Nov 12, 2012

i would love to be there if this ever happened i would love to see you with panties in your mouth i have been orally and anally used and it was fantastic especially since i was wearing my panties and had them pulled down forcefully

I fantasize about being bound & gagged. I dont like heavy leather with whips & chains. I certainly do not like ball gags. Sometimes I will wad up a pair of white cotton panties & put them in my mouth while pleasuring myself. I like to finish the gag off with a pink knee sock or stocking. I pretend that Im being tied to the bed post with stockings during a crossdressing panty party. I would like to be anally & orally pleasured by two cd's while a group of other panty bois gather around making out with each other & ************. The experience would end with me shooting my sweet cream all over the bed & the others sweet cream exploding all over me. All that heavy duty leather bondage is for the birds (pardon the pun). You dont see enough light lingerie bondage ****. What a shame. Why dont we fantasize about it some more. Im hard & getting wet while I write as well. Show me to the bed posts!!!!!!