My Tickle Slave Story

Notice: I am the one being tickled. This is a true story. The names are fake though.

Tsunade’s Tickle Torture Fun Time! Victim: Hinata. Position:
Spreadeagle. Clothes: Panties and Bra: Game: Roll The Dice.

In this round of Tsunade’s Tickle Torture Fun Time, our victim is the
sweet, sexy, almost naked, and extremely ticklish: Hinata! Today,
she’s in nothing but her pink, see-through panties that Tsunade
provided for her, and tied in spread-eagle, her body just begging to
be tickled. Tsunade is sitting next to her, gently stroking Hinata’s
bare stomach. Tsunade however, decided to go with just a lacy pair of
black panties. Now on with the story.

“Alright Hinata, welcome to my little game. I’m sure you’ll be my
favorite little toy to play with.” Tsunade says, as she gently scrapes
one fingernail over Hinata’s armpit, making the poor girl squeal.

“Now, how about we play a game? See these three die?” Tsunade asks,
holding up three, six sided die. Hinata nodded blindly

“Well here’s what they’ll do. This first one, will determine what I
tickle you with. 1 is a single finger. 2 are these hairbrushes. 3 are
these feathers. 4 are these feather dusters. 5 is my tongue. And 6 is
with all my fingers.”

“This second die is a game of luck. If it’s an even, then I take off
one of your pieces of underwear, and tickle you in the area for five
minutes. If it’s an odd, then a vibrator in my panties will vibrate
for 10 minutes.”

“And this third dice will determine how long I tickle you for. Every
dot stands for five minutes. Now then, shall we get started?” Tsunade
asked with an evil grin. Hinata began frantically shaking her head.
Tsunade slowly shook the dice in front of Hinata, and rolled them
where she couldn’t see. She waited a few seconds to show them to her.

“Alright then. The first die shows… a 2. The second shows… a 4! I
guess you lose that bra of yours.” Tsunade said, taking a Kunai, and
cutting Hinata’s bra, then throwing it away.

“And the third shows… and 2 as well. So I tickle your breasts for five
minutes, than tickle you with hairbrushes for ten. Alright, I hope
those big breasts of yours are ticklish!”

And with that, Tsunade reached into a box, and pulled out two
feathers. Shw slowly placed them on Hinata’s now hardened nipples, and
dragged the slowly, but roughly across her breasts. Hinata was already
letting out an incredibly cute giggle, which made her breasts ripple,
only making the feathers tickle more. Tsunade was smiling, as she took
the feathers off, then started swirling her fingers around Hinata’s
areola. Hinata gasped, as Tsunade dug into her huge jiggly breasts
with her fingers, tickling and massaging them at the same time.
Hinata’s laughter was mixed with tiny moans as Tsunade kept working
her breasts. Then suddenly, Tsunade stopped.

“Alright, five minutes are up. Now it’s time for the real tickling
fun!” Tsunade said, as she pulled a stiff bristled hairbrush out, and
lowered it teasingly down to Hinata’s silky soft feet.

“Wow Hinata, you have beautiful feet. Hmm… I wonder if they’re
ticklish.” Tsunade said, stroking one roughly with the brush, making
Hinata break into laughter.

“EEH! Nononnono1 They’reHEHEHEEE too NOOO! Ticklish!” Hinata squealed
as Tsunade began brushing her balls of her feet, scraping her
sensitive toes, and her soles at the same time.


“Don’t stop? Alright, you ask for it!” Tsunade said happily, digging
into Hinata’s feet, making her scream. After ten minutes passed,
Hinata was lying on the floor, panting and sweating.

And this was just round one… How about we go for round two?” Tsunade
asked, as she rolled the next set of dice.
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