Tied Up Revenge

I'm 14 and its the summer time and I was reading my bike around my city (which i always do) at  8am. While i rode in front of a girl's house that i tease about everyday i was tackled off my bike and on to the ground. Before i knew it i was gagged, tied up, and blindfolded. I was carried like that into the house and in to the basement where i was then tied to the chair and finally the blindfold was taken off and i could see was the nine girls that i had teased including the one who lives there. " Well hello John how was your summer?" said Kayla(who lives there) all i could say was a mffffffffff which met wtf is going on here. And one of the other girls named Sara said, " Well this is the revenge for all the times u made fun of us, teased us, and laughed at us." and once again i let out a mfff and tried to wiggle free which ended up tipping over the chair and made them all laugh. After they pulled the chair back up Kayla said " And to start the revenge we have the twlight movies all on dvd. All i said was mfff and the next thing i knew the dvd was playing and the teasing started. After what seemed like eternity the movies ended. Then they untied me from the chair i was on and tied me eagle spread on the floor and stuffed their dirty socks in my mouth and started to tickle me. When that was done they put in head phone into my ear and played justin bieber. Then they took picture of me laying there helpless(which made me have a *****) and teased me even more. finally they untied me but put a dog collar on me and they told me to act like a dog or else and at this point i was terrified and Abby ( who i teased about something that was cruely and i forgot about ) came up to me and said "I think John needs to be fixed" and then she started to kid me in the balls. The other started to take pictures of me in fetal position crying. And after they got bored of me being there dog they ungagged me and Kayla said " If you try to run or yell u will truly regret it," i was then ungagged and she went on to say," now you are slave and will behave as one." i nodded my head to show i understood afraid to say anything. So they made me serve them anything they want including give them pleasure in using my body. Then they gave me a french maid outfit and told to change in it. So after i struggle to get it on i walked out and they all started to laugh. Finally after the laughter calmed down i was told to clean the Kayla's room. So i proceeded to do so. Finally after i was done i was allowed to change back into my clothes. When i was finally got out the bathroom i was again tackled to the ground this time i fought back but was once again tied up and  gagged and once again carried to the basement where i was tied once again to the chair. Sara said, " Oh John you don't have you nails or hair done have you...well we will fix."  and i was then being painted and have my hair straighten( I have my hair down to half way down my neck and culled naturally) and after they were down my toe nails where pink and so where my finger nails and my hair all the down my neck and being tied in a ponytails. Once that was done they started to take off my clothes ( and by this time i had i huge *****) Sara said,"Looks like he likes being dressed as a girl" which made my face go white. I was then dress in women underwear and a bra and then they put me in a skirt and a tee shirt on me and started to take pictures of me like that and told me that i  am now a girl and will have to act like one so for the next two hours i was Julie. I was finally allow back in my clothes and once again tied up and brought up stairs and outside where i was once again tickled after that they hosed me down for an hour. right before i was let go one of them decided i should be duck taped so i was then duck taped and hung upside down from the ceiling after 20 minutes i was set on the ground and force to call my mom and tell her that i was going to spend the night at one of mine friend house and she said ok. And i was left there for the night and used as a  pillow bed and couch. After they went to bed i finally went to sleep at around 7am I was awaken up untaped and got hogtied and put in a closet and after 30 minutes i was ungagged but blindfolded and kissed by each one of them for 7 minutes. i was finally let go after an hour but told that if i was to every to tell anyone about it they would post the pictures online and video that they took during the night while i was asleep.

During the whole inter thing i enjoyed it very much.
superfish1205 superfish1205 13-15 Apr 25, 2012

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