My Ideal Tickle Session :)

So my ideal tickle experience would be in a bedroom, tied up in a bed in spread eagle. The restrains have to be a little loose, so i can move a bit. That way the tickler would see more clearly my reactions. I have to be in less clothes as possible, maybe in a bathing suit, or in shorts, skirts. I want the tickler to do soft tickling and hard one all over my body.

As i prefer upperbody tickling, i would like him to concentrate on that part. I want him to talk to me while tickling me, as well as teasing. He can say for example: "Im gonna tickle your armpits" and instead he tickles somewhere else i didnt expect. That would increase my sensitivity cause is tickling by surprise, i wasnt prepared to take it. Once he finds a good spot, i want him to stay there for a while, nonstop, just for a moment cause i want to know how i would react to it. I love when guys immobilize me with his hands and when they sit on me straddling me. I love the fact they are stronger than me so they would win a tickle fight. That is so sexy for me.

I would like raspberries on my belly and neck. Feathers are ok too, they would help to prepare my body for the hard tickling. But my favourite favourite tickle tool are hands. I would love to feel the guy's hands tickling me, i like that direct contact with the skin.

About me: I find very very attractive guys that have the ability to tickle, the ones that know how to make me laugh even if i try to hold it in, the ones that know how to break my concentration.

Tickling is really sexy, isnt it? ;)
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2 Responses May 15, 2012

I would love to. :)

I Wish distance wasn't an issue