Plastic Punishment Cape.

As I sit here writing this in my 60's polyester dress,heels and semi transparent Lilac plastic mac I see my red plastic cape draped over the chair.It was ripped at the arm slits so I cut the excess material out of the back to make it parallel and glued a high collar to it.
I also made it so that my head would just pass through the top and buttoned it at the top with one plastic button.The high collar also had one button making it nice and tight at the rear.
I tried it on and it was nice and restrictive.I then started to imagine being totally restrained with ankles,wrists and elbows tied tightly and a thick plastic gag put on then finished off with a matching rain bonnet.My mature mistress would be admiring her plastic submissive, standing in front of me wearing her long glossy plastic mac,pvc dress and 6" patent leather heels.
I am completely helpless,then she makes me hop to a cage in the corner of the room and when inside closes the door and fits chains to my ankle straps and padlocks them to the cage floor.She then fits a heavy plastic collar to my neck with a chain which she padlocks to the top of the cage.She then closes the door and two more padlocks secure me behind the cage door.
She smiles,admiring me writhing about helplessly trying to free myself from my bonds,as she walks out of the room and says she'll be back in about 4 hours when we may go for a drive to the woods where I will be tied to a tree,maybe for another 4 hours!
As my imagination runs wild,I must change into my plastic punishment cape now,are there any mature plastic mac loving mistresses out there who need a plastic submissive?
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6 Responses Jan 3, 2012

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Sounds great.

Sounds like you want some fun.

Sounds great to me.

Transparent lilac mack my favourite would love to see a photo of you wearing it.

Do you also wear plastic pants or a nappy? They are so sexy. Can you describe your plastic gag? Sounds like fun.