Plastic Punishment Cape Part 2.

My mistress walks into the room and behind her a second mature lady dressed in a long flowing plastic cape with shiny 6" patent leather boots.They smile at me still writhing in the cage after being tied in my plastic punishment cape for the past 5 hours.My wrists and ankles ache but the thick plastic gag stops me from making any complaining noises.
They talk between themselves while I stand in the cage,bound and gagged hoping to be released.Then Mistress Cape bends down and puts my clothes that I arrived in into a small suitcase and locks it,then leaves the room with the suitcase.Before she returns Mistress Mac walks over and unlocks the cage,then unlocks my ankles from the chains on the cage floor and my collar from the cage roof but leaves the plastic collar on.At last,I think to myself,my ordeal is over but although she releases my ankle ties she reties the rope just above my knees and pulls me out of the cage and all I can do is take dainty steps with my knees tied.
Mistress Cape returns without the suitcase but with a large long black plastic cape and it is swished over me quickly and all the buttons done up with the hood tightly tied over my head.What is happening I think to myself,what have they got planned for me now?
I try to free myself but being tied in the plastic punishment cape under the black plastic cape makes it impossible and I get a whack with a long leather tawse that I didn't see Mistress Mac holding behind her back.With my backside stinging I am walked out into the street and for once I am glad it is raining as I won't be noticed too much clicking down the street in my heels taking dainty little steps wearing a long black plastic cape.
But where was I being taken?Where are my clothes?When would I be released from my plastic bondage?
As if to read my thoughts Mistress Mac tells me my clothes are safely locked away and I may get to see them again if I do as they say without questioning what they have in mind for me.She also says that it is about time I started to 'earn my keep' so we are walking to Mistress Cape's house which is only about half a mile away.
As we walked through the rain I tried to think what they had planned but I couldn't think clearly as my elbows and wrists were starting to ache being tightly tied behind me and I had to concentrate on walking with short steps.
After arriving at the house I was reminded that the only clothes I had were the ones I was wearing so escape was not really an option.
My black plastic cape was removed as was all my bondage and the plastic punishment cape. As I stood nude in the small room Mistress Cape told me to put on the pink semi transparent plastic mac she was holding and when I dithered for a moment I again felt the stinging of Mistress Macs tawse and yelped in pain.That is just a reminder of what I said earlier about doing as your told,she said.
I put the pink plastic mac on and buttoned it up with the tie belt and pink plastic rainhat and they smiled at each other,knowing they had me where they wanted me.Before I could do anything my hands were handcuffed behind me again and I was sat in a large chair in the corner of the room.Shackles were put on my ankles and chained to the bottom rung of the chair together with a chain between the handcuffs which was also attached to the bottom rung of the chair.When I started to complain the thick plastic gag was tied tightly over my mouth then the collar was replaced around my neck and chained to the top of the chair.I was now helpless again but it got worse as thick plastic strips were tied tightly round my body and waist.
They stood back and admired their work as I sat there wondering what they had planned for me now.
I was soon to find out!
Mistress Cape left the room and Mistress Mac came over and told me that tomorrow I would be Mistress Cape's plastic maid for the day and if there was any disobedience I would be severely caned.As I writhed about shaking my head Mistress Mac just smiled and assured me that after spending the night tied to the chair in the pink plastic mac I would be compliant in the morning.
Then Mistress Cape came in holding what looked like a pink knee length PVC maid dress with a white plastic apron.The PVC maid dress was locking at the top and also at the knee so as I would only be able to take short mincing steps.She then said that over this I would have to wear a transparent plastic mac to protect the pink PVC dress as it was not to get dirty whilst doing my chores.Also she said that if they had visitors, by wearing a transparent plastic mac they could still see that I was their pink plastic maid!
Mistress Mac then said that I would be working alternate days between the houses and she also had a PVC maid uniform for me to do my chores at her house and this was a long black PVC victorian maid uniform with a long plastic mac on top and she started laughing when she said she was sure that would keep me warm enough!
They then left the room telling me to be ready for a long day's work tomorrow!
I tried to wriggle in my bondage but I was too securely chained and gagged and all I could do was look at the pink PVC maid uniform hanging on the door hook and wonder whether I will ever be out in the free world again?
What has happened to me?
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5 Responses Jan 12, 2012

wouldnt this be heaven on earth, wouldnt want to see my old clothes ever again

Great stuff.

Love this, more please.

More please - don't want you getting away now, do we?

Oh --- yes , really like this tale. Wish I was there with those keen and kinky plastic maidens ! Hope you dont get away too soon from them.