a few years ago my wife found out i llike plastic macs and bondage.unbeknown to me she purchased two macs both pink, both maxi length,hooded and night before a holiday weekend i was called to our bedroom and told to undress for a suprise.once i had done so my wife gave me one of the macs and told me dress in it, which i did my suprise my wife produced several rolls of tape and proceeded to restrain me at my ankles,knees above and below, my my wrists behind my back,then my elbows .finally she taped my already bound arms to my body.i was trapped, then given five minutes to get free. if not there would be further treatment.i could not get free,so my wife then put the other mac on me ,but from in front of me back to front.she did all the poppers up tightened the belt and pulled the hood up over my head tied the draw strings behind my head and left the room turning out the light and i heard the door being locked .i was well and truly trapped at her mercy .when she returned she removed the top mac then made love to me. shes calling me to the bedroom now,looks like im to be trapped again!.
baggiebound baggiebound
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Lovely stuff!

I hope you're not complaining Heheee