So tonight I thought I would have a little fun, so I put on my pink nylon panties, my black sheer energy pantyhose, my fav pair of mary Jane Heels, my plaid mini skirt, black bra and black top. Once I was all pretty I started to gather my materials. I took an old mop handle and took the head off. I then proceeded to tie each ankle to the bar about 12" apart from each other. This was my first ever spreader bar for which I really enjoyed. I then got out my single locking pair of handcuffs. I placed the key in a pill bottle and put the cap on. I then wrapped a ball gag in my mouth and a tight blindfold around my eyes. Then I took the pill bottle and tossed it to my right having absolutely no idea where it landed. I took the handcuffs, took a deep breath and locked my hands securely behind my back. Immediately I had an amazing rush of feeling as It completely dawned on me that if I was to get free I was going to have to navigate across the floor and find the pill bottle with the key in it. I sat there for a minute and just enjoyed the helplessless that I was experienceing. After about 30 minutes I began my slow trek across the room to find the key to my cuffs. First thing I had to do was remove my heels. I needed to skoot along on my back so I worked to kick my heels off. After 10 minutes I finally was able to get them off. So I started to move. Well it turns out that I didnt really leave enough room for the spreader bar to get through and it was tied so tight I couldnt rotate it on my ankles. So I was stuck! I began to think, am I going to have to call my roomate and have her come in see me en femme and tied up and have to ask for help? I started to panic a little. The other problem was that since I was on my back my hands were begining to fall asleep. I began to slide my feet together on the spreader bar so maybe I could raise them up and maybe untie my ankles. (not sure what that would have accomplished but...) I fianlly worked my ankles together enough for me to reach the rope which I soon discovered that I could not untie them at all. My hands were getting tingley now so I knew I had better hurry.  Now I really began to panic, what if I had thrown it under the bed or under the dresser. I searched frantically around for another 15 minutes.  I was really begining to think that I was going to be stuck like this all night, which would have been fine but my hands were starting to fall asleep.   I was very excited at this point and could hardly concentrate on the task at hand. I finally rolled over so that I could reach the spreader bar and pull myself more towards the key and my freedom. I pushed my head against the floor but my blindfold was so tight I couldnt make any progress.  I then moved the blindfold up about 2 cm enough that I could barely see what was around me. I looked left and right but couldnt find the pill bottle at all! I layed back and tried moving my blindfold up a little more and finally did.  At this point I was able to see enough to get a decent look around an 'lo and behold there was the key directly behind me. I opened it up took the key out and released my hands from the handcuffs. I took the gag ouf of my mouth and untied my ankles. My wrtists were sore, my ankles were sore and my skirt had rode up lol but  all In all I had a great time. Next time though, maybe not so tight on the handcuffs lol!  Self-bondage can be so very hard.  Its so much easier when you have someone else to tie you up...*Sigh*
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That sounds like fun. I would like to do that with a partner.