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I Will Be Tomorrow

I have had several different experiences being tied up and gagged, but tomorrow will be the best yet.

A lady who provides a dressing service is also involved in the fetish scene, a scene I have been interested in for years but only recently became actively involved in. We know each other quite a while and as a person, she is amazing, so friendly and funny. She has her own dungeon and it is well stocked. At a fetish party two weeks ago, I seen first hand how proper rope bondage (among other things) was done and it was fascinating.

We have already agreed to do rope bondage and i'm sure plenty of other kinds of restraint. I will get some pic's taken when I am tightly tied-up and gagged with a variety of gags, then share them with friends here. (if she decides to untie me!!)
SaskiaIreland SaskiaIreland 31-35, M 6 Responses Jul 13, 2011

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You are truly lucky to get to experience what I have only dreamt of for years. Having a safe place to experiment with lifestyle and fetishes would be amazing.

She is a credit to society, the help and confidence she has given to soooo many people is unreal.

Way to go, have fun!

wooowww sounds amazing, really hope to see those pics! and you to enjoy!

wooowww sounds amazing, really hope to see those pics! and you to enjoy!

A full recounting, please. Some of us only get to experience these things vicariously.

i hope for nice pics ;)