Tied Spread Eagle

I was dating a woman who asked if I would tell her one of my most erotic fantasies. I told her that I had a tremendous desire to be tied up and teased, That I wanted to be tightly tied and teased. At first She seemed taken aback but seemed to get more interested in tying me up if I let her have total control. We agreed on a place and time and set some ground rules. No pain or permanent marks and I would allow her to tie me anyway she wanted, She wanted to use cotton rope and tie me to the four corners of my bed, she also wanted to tie my penis very tightlly and use loose close pins on my nipples, It was one of the most erotic nights I have ever had. She teased me with her fingernails and a vibrator untill I exploded with pleasure. Very simple story but major impact on my fantasy life.
hardavdoc hardavdoc
1 Response Sep 8, 2011

This is a woman that you marry, or at least find a way to keep her interested in making your fantasies come to life.