Another Movie Spent In Bondage

I started off stripping naked and inserting my vibrating butt plug and then added a rope harness to make sure my plug wasn't coming out. Next was my locking ball gag, which was padlocked into place. I then sat on the couch and tied my ankles with rope. I tied more rope above my knees. With my leather cuffs locked onto my wrists, I handed my vibrator control to my wife and put my hands behind my back. She locked my cuffs to my rope harness. I wasn't going anywhere until she released me. I spent the movie bound and with my wife playing with my vibrator controls.
moosebob moosebob
26-30, M
2 Responses Mar 4, 2012

I kept wanting someone to knock on the door and have my wife bring them in. We were obviously home and there was no quick escape. I would just close my eyes and wait for them to find me. And since I was already seen there would be no point in untying me. I would have to endure their stares at my naked bound body. And as I squirm my wife would ask them to turn on my vibrator to calm me down.

Excellent! I believe I'll go home and try to make that happen for me. I especially like the vibrator.