It Begins Even Before I See The Water...

It is something very special about it. Something magic. To me it is arousing and exciting. And it begins before I enter the pool or even before I see it.
When I am at home preparing for a swim and I put my speedos into my bag it starts with a happy feeling and some heart beating that gets more and more as soon I see the public pool bulding.
In the changing room when I fit on my speedos I have to take care and remeber that I am not alone...everybody could see that I am excitied but usual I can relax. Its just the first moment I feel the speedo trunks on my skin.
And then...finally...the best moment of the week may be...I enter the pool, take a deep breath, submerge with a duck dive and swim slowly along the bottom of the pool with a smile on my face, my eyes wide open...I love to be underwater...
UnderwaterBubbles UnderwaterBubbles
26-30, M
Dec 1, 2012