Ex-girlfriend And Her New Flat.

I have not *********** in front of a women often. This particular girlfriend was the first one I ever did it in front of when we were together. Well the next time was more fun.

We had split up and she got a one bedroom flat nearby. She invited me to visit so I did. We got talking about house-warming and I decide to get sexy. I spin a yarn about how in some cultures the man of the house ********** on the floor of the house to ensure a fertile relationship occuring in the house as the house-warming event. I said to her I would perform the duty as she did not yet have another guy. To my surprise she said okay, told me to get naked,went and got some paper, spread it on the floor and told me to do my male ritual thing on it. As I had already *********** in front of her I thought okay no turning back now. There I am naked ******* off in front of my ex who is watching with such intensity it just made me hotter. Even though she had seen me do it before she was definitely more turned on this time and so was I. I decided to keep it going for as long as I could which was difficult but I managed for about twenty min to about half an hour before finally exploding. She goes "oh my God! Is this place now furtile or what!" She gives me a towel to clean my self with. Seeing my penis in that very relaxed state after sex she demands I stay naked for the rest of the stay for her viewing pleasure. Of course I obliged.
k1nudey k1nudey
41-45, M
Jul 23, 2010