Me & My Friend Had Sex...

It was hot day in of my friend gave me an offer to have sex in my new flat.I reached their at 2PM,they were waiting for me.We hugged each other and walked inside......three of us became undress and went inside the bathroom.We had a lovely bath rubbing each other with soaps.It was really amazing.....the ice breaking...we can say.Then we started our making love---when my friend was enjoying her she was sucking my ****...she was a awesome sucker...we then had our part **** licking was so tasty because we put little chocolate there ...we were rubbing her ****...eventually both of us turned on and and ready to ****.We **** one by one when my friend was making love...I was watching as well as enjoying her softness..I still remember that summer.We had an awesome...*********.
Jeffrykolkata Jeffrykolkata
41-45, M
4 Responses Sep 17, 2010

You just described how beautiful a ********* between friends should be when the chemistry is right and also how it's all about the lady.

very hot

its just something about a 3some that just blows me away mmmmmmm

Your stories are short and sweet but so ******* HOT! Thanks for sharing...dc :-)