Skype Date

Ckrazyp and I had our first Skype "date" not too long ago. We both had our respective houses to ourselves, so after a minute or two of small talk, we both undressed. It was awkward for me at first, because I didn't know what to do. Luckily my man is an expert at directing me sexually and he started telling me what to do. From there the awkwardness faded immediately and it was just so hot.

Watching him lay there rubbing his beautiful **** was fabulous. His own hands expertly handling it exactly right. It was so big and rock hard, and I was throbbing with the desire to jump through the screen and slide it into my mouth. He had me alternating between rubbing my ****, fingering my ***** and sucking my fingers. He told me about how much he's going to use my ***** when we're together again.

When he came, it was beautiful, and I realized that in all our time together, I'd never actually SEEN him ***. It's always been in my mouth or *****, or (when we were younger and I wasn't on birth control) in a condom. Seeing it was an incredible turn on. I wanted to clean every bit of it up with my tongue. It was so intense that I came soon after, much harder than I've achieved on my own lately.

I definitely needed this "date" night.
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