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When I was in high school I use to show on cam all the time. That was back when yahoo messenger wasn't filled with bots. 80% of the time I was able to cam2cam with girls my age, the other 20% I was so horny I would jack off with other guys on cam. There was something about showing my body that was so exciting and exhilarating. The girls always seemed to be willing to return the favor with a mutual ************ session....ah those were the good ole days.
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1 Response Sep 17, 2012

I still DO use YIM, but not to connect with the many, many bots that are in the chat rooms there. It's extremely difficult to find a chat room with tons of them now days.

On the other hand, I vedeo chat (and many times **********) in front of some of the friends I have met on here. It's always better if I can ********** while I watch THEM ********** while they watch me.

I'm usually on there on Staurday and Sunday mornings. If this idea interests you, send me a private message and I'll provide my Yahoo ID so we can get together when we're both on there.