Such As..

Yes ,I love to **********, I find the need quite often.I get much pleasure in the performance. I love to know I am being watched by a special someone. I like to start slowly and make the show well worth the time. I want to be wanted, desired. I want to make them very hot and bothered, while I get pleasure as well. The more they enjoy, the more I do.I love to let them see how wet I can get, to those of you who like that sort of thing.A dripping ***** can be a most wonderful thing. I like to think of you getting hard reading this. I want to watch you as well .See you with your own hands working to bring yourself to that magic place .
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Would. Like to become friends.

Godiva I would love to secretly watch you from the closet as your ***** swelled with excitement and the juices flowed like a river.
I would ease out of the closet as our eyes locked in on each other. Feeling the blood flow and hardening my **** with each stroke as I moved just close enough to enjoy the smell of your sex as it filled the room.
Now we can embrace the moment as we both reach that climaxing feeling unleashing it all at once.
Now close your eyes as I slip away in to the night.

i love watching woman play with themselves and *** on thier **** as we cumm together

That's a very sexy. Yes you got me hard

sounds exy id love to watch you ;)

Is this for real and at no cost?
If so I would like to try this with you.
Message me and thanks

Hmmmmm I would love to watch you watch me ;-)

It worked

Wow! Would love to watch you and have you watch me!! add me on yahoo if you would please!!

I would love to watch you pleasure yourself. I would also like to *** for you. As you can see I am a girl with something extra.
If you are bisexual you might be interested in enjoying both sides at the same time.