One Night In Seattle...

Should you visit Seattle there used to be a weekly called The Stranger - I reference this because in print is a reference to my evening.

Back in the mid 90's I moved to Seattle for a brief period of time. While there of course I explored the fetish scenes (Clubs and parties)  I was invited to a loft party one evening that promised to be quite the night.  
I met the hosts earlier on and made arrangements with them to participate in the evening by posing as "art" in the entrance,

The entrance was the top of three flights of stairs.   When you reached the top landing there was a wall in front before you turned right to enter the loft.  The wall had a slight ledge and recessed in for maybe a potted plant or something else.  
I used the ledge to stand in naked and tied to the wall as people climbed the stairs they say more and more of me revealed.  There were many comments but no one dared touch me (Much to my disappointment)

The party was attended by an multitude of guests in a variety of outfits and turned out to be (In my opinion) quite a disappointment.  The fetish aspect was  lame and more the "fantasy of fetish" than reality.  One person had a whip but it was mostly for show as no one knew how to use it.  I admit the sexy factor was high.  It was more like a sexy costume party.  With one naked man in attendance.  That would be me.  When the party got into full swing, I stepped off the ledge and attended as a guest.  

Lots of people talked with me, some dared to spank me, many were just surprised I was still naked through out the night.  

As the party started to wind down I was getting increasingly more and more horny.

Something had to be done.  I walked through the loft and thought, I could just pop into the bathroom rub one out and be done with it.

Now this particular loft was a huge empty warehouse space with make shift walls and hallways.  As I searched through out for the bathroom, I found a narrow hallway that I hadn't noticed before - nothing mysterious - just unnoticed.  there were a variety of small cubbies set up for conversation on one side of the hallway and chairs randomly placed in the hallway.  That's when I noticed someone was walking the halls with a video camera recording the passed out people and commentators of the nights event.  The camera operator was a young man but the person holding the mic was a stunning woman.

My mind quickly hatched a plan... I ducked into one of the open cubby spaces and pretended to be asleep.  I knew it would be minutes before they got to me so I prepped.  

I stroked myself to get the blood flowing but not so much as to be erect.  Then laid myself out.  My heart was racing.  I wanted to do this but wash't sure if I could pull it off.  Then I heard the foot steps, and went into action.  

I closed my eyes to peeking slits and acted as if i were not quite passed out just unaware of where I was.  I let out a low moan just as they came upon me.  "Oh My God! - Shh" I heard the woman say.  Then she whispered into the mic.  "I don't think he's awake"  The camera man stated that he saw me move.  The woman's response - "point he camera, lets watch and see"  

This was great I thought.  I slowly moved my hand up my thigh as if involuntarily responding to a dream.  My **** rose to attention before I even touched myself.  "Are you getting this?"   She asked.  His reply was was less than enthusiastic and started to walk away.  "No wait.  Please just for me.  I want to see what happens"  He complied.

I drearily reached for my stiff member, now knowing I had an audience and more caressed my self slowly - still in "Dream" state.  I started to move as if in a full on erotic dream, my other hand was moving like it was possessed by a second person.  I heard the woman giggle "This is awesome.  I hope he masturbates. I've never seen that"

What could I do?  Her wish was heard - I didn't rush though, I maintained the charade dragging out the act until I couldn't take it any longer.  I wrapped my hand around my **** and started to rub.  Slowly at first up and down imagining it was someone else and it was her first time touching me.  Learning what I liked.  Elongating the anticipation.  

Then I started to raise my hips into my hand as if I were pushing for more contact with my imaginary lover.  All the while my audience not only was watching... but recording.  I had to make it good, after all I was on camera.

I could hear her breathing and even the camera man started to breath a little heavier.  I let out an involuntary moan.  The woman whispered into the mic "He's really getting into this.  if only we could see what he was dreaming"

"Hey what's--?"  "SHHH"  Two more women joined the audience and were shushed before they could "Startle" me.  

He's dream ************.  You're not supposed to wake a person when they're dream ************.  It could be fatal"  The woman with the mic quipped "

"That's disgusting, wake him up" One of the new women said.  "Oh grow up" the other replied.  "Watch and learn something"  I had all to do NOT to laugh at that moment.  I almost lost it until I heard "Psst, C'mere - that naked guy you like - he's jackin off in his sleep"

More footsteps more audience more murmurs and whispers.  I couldn't listen any more it was breaking my concentration.  

Time to finish I thought.  I moaned a little louder - admittedly - for show.  I started to stroke faster and move more, but not too much, to a chorus of "Oh wow" or "That's hot"  until I couldn't hold back any more.  Full on stroking my head thrown back My eyes rolled up into my head I stiffened from head to toe and shot .   And shot.   And Shot.   And shot.   I settled down. I had  a warm sticky pool on my chest and under my chin.  The silence was broken by the woman with the Mic - "Now it's a party!"  Laughter and applause genuinely startled me.  I involuntarily jumped.  Turned to see there were about  8 or 10 people watching me.  They all applauded.  Someone actually threw me a roll of toilet paper.  The girl with the mic asked me one question. "Was it as good for you as it was for us"  Failing to have a clever response I just said "Uhm - what?"  The camera man stated "Let's leave him alone to clean up" and he ushered the crowd away.

I did as he suggested.  Found my clothes and snuck out.  Looking back I wished i could have had a more clever reply and also gotten to see the recording.  

But the next week in The Stranger" there was a review of the party and a comment of the "Naked man" who greeted the guests and wandered through out the party - keeping things "Interesting".

(Image not from party - but it is me)

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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

OMG that is one hot story. I wish I had seen you one the ledge and believe me I would have touched you and I would have been stroking with you when you had your "dream" ....beautiful