Fingers Crossed Part 2

YEAH I did it. I kept my promise to my husband. Hubby and I went to the nudist beach today had been there a little while (i was laying on my back and had my legs spread hubby laying next to me) and 2 men kept walking past our tent starring  at my ***** i felt kinda funny at first but i noticed hubby was enjoying it so i just kept laying there this happened more than half a dozen times during our time there. In between these 2 watching me there was another bloke set up a few meters away. He started walking past our sun shelter and said hi and made the comment “you can get away with anything down here” with a big smile on his face as he walked off. He did this a quiet a few times as well. So i stayed in the same position. Not long later another bloke sets up even closer to us and starts walking past the sun shelter as well starring straight at my ***** and said to us “nice view” to which hubby replied “thanks” as he walked off he said “i want that”. He was having another good look on the way back past and obviously with hubby saying thank you he took it as its ok to have a real good look  and started pulling his **** right in front of our sun shelter a few feet away for a little bit then walked off. He did this a few times while we were there. After they had done it a few times i then started to play with my nipples and and **** in front of them as they walked past. I even sucked my husbands **** a couple of times while one of the blokes was sitting next to us a few meters away I GOT BUSTED doing that. By the end of this the blokes all ended up talking to each other near our sun shelter  which lead to a lot more walk pasts. This went on for a few hours time had come to pack up and head home. The guy that said to hubby “nice view” said as we were packing up “thank you for the show, we replied “ no problems” he then replied “i am going to go finish myself off after that view”. So we start walking back to the car and stopped at the toilets and two of the blokes were there using the showers. They seen us walking up and thanked us for putting on the show and that they all said “you have got the best ***** we have seen  in a long time” to which i replied embarrassingly  “thank you and headed in to the toilets”. Then i heard them say to my hubby “it must have seemed to you that we were a bit weird walking past all the time” Hubby replied “no people do it all the time”. One of them then asked “does she mind showing off” hubby replied “no”. I then walked out the toilets and one of them asked to see my ***** again, i was so shocked i didn’t understand the question so i looked at hubby he said “they want to see your *****” so i lifted my skirt and they both had a look. Then we started to walk off and they asked for a view from behind. Hubby said “yeah she got a killer ***” he looks at me and goes show them, so i lifted my skirt and showed them, one asked me to bend over, at the time i thought my hubby said that so i did, hubby then told me after that he didn’t say it, LOL, After that we start to pick up our stuff and then hubby turns around and asks if he can take a picture of me and them. Well i could have died my face dropped and i thought “i cant believe he did that then i though yep that’s something he would do” so i said “ what naked” I didn’t even wait  for a response and ******** off. I was so embarrassed i don’t think i would have heard him. So we pose for the pic and one of them  grabbed me on the ***, boy that shocked me i turned around and said “NO TOUCHING” which he apologized for. So there i am standing naked in between two naked blokes that we have never meet before while hubby takes a pic.  We said “thank you for the pic” and said our goodbyes. We left for the car, i could not believe what had just happened, hubby  said “it was the best way to get a pic for proof”. Check out the profile pics  we got some of them when i was just laying there and when i was ************ as well plus the pic of me standing in between them butt naked. Hope you enjoyed our story it was a first for us.

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Great story - would love for you to add me, please

Very hot, I'm ************ now.

Loved the story

brillant story,that is really horny,

Hot story