************ In Front Of Women Is So Hot!

When I was 19 I started a two-year affair with my first girlfriend's mother. She was a tall, slender, very sexy woman who introduced me to many pleasures I have enjoyed for the rest of my life (I am now 53). She was the first woman who encouraged me to ********** in front of her. She loved to watch me while talking dirty and encouraging me to *** over her. On one occasion she had me ********** down the front of her panties so she could feel my *** soaking into them while she served her husband his lunch. Other times she had me *** on her **** so she could feel my *** soaking into her bra. It really turned me on to stroke my hard **** in front of her and watch my *** spurting over her body.

Ever since I have loved having women watch me. I have *********** over women's thighs, over their ****, tummies, faces, into their open mouths (that's really horny!), over their knickers as they held their skirts up. My fiancee and I both love to watch each-other ********** and both get very turned on by the other watching.

I would love to watch other men ************ over my fiancee and then **** her when she is dripping with other men's ***...

56-60, T
2 Responses Mar 19, 2010

OMG! I LOOOOOOVE to watch men **********!! Especially if they moan and talk dirty while they stroke their dicks! It drives me crazy just thinking about it!!

Wow, you are a lucky man! Hot story!