Getting Lost

When I was in the WACs in the forties we occasionally went on bus trips (weekends).  One weekend in late August, we were in the New Hampshire mountains.  It was near the close of the day and the group, of about 20 decided to take the trip up the mountains.  As usual we were told to stay on the trail.  Unfortunately my friend and I were talking and it was growing dark.  Then we looked around and could not find a path down the hill.  We were totally lost!  We kept trying and as it kept getting darker and darker, we knew we had no choice but to stay put and try to find some kind of shelter.  We crouched down on the ground and kind of snuggled up for warmth ( mountains get cold at night and it was very cold).  No matches for a fire, no food.  We could hear animals and it was frightening.  WE stayed until dawn and then started looking for ways down climbing over huge rocks and banging ourselves -- we finally made it down to below, wherever that was.  We were walking along brush and trees and saw a mother eagle with her babies, I was chicken and asked my friend to go first which she did ( she was bigger than me).  After a while we saw forest troopers approaching us.  One trooper saw us and picked me up in hus arms and took me to safety.  Later after a ride home in the Commanding Officer's limo, my mother told me that she had heard it on the radio.  Washington DC had reported our being missing.  This was an experience I never want to relive.  ALSo we were told there wild bobcats in the area we were at, glad we didn't know it at the time.

Elsie12 Elsie12
Mar 20, 2009