The Insance Cycle Of Love

Having a chat with my friend at uni for a while after finishing our presentations . He sincerely confides in me that he is tired of loving his girl in vain & no matter how hard he tries he could not get through the  love cycle . Why is he  still  loving with his love despite she always refuses him . Why does he still badly need her no matter what ? He does know that she uses him as she only needs him whenever she needs his help but he’s still happy to help her regardless . Whenever they see each other or talk with each other , they often end up in argument or unhappy experience . Above all , no matter what his loved girl does towards him , he still loves her crazily  & badly needs her . Hey , my friend , I guess I know the answer . How could I ? Simply because we are in the same boat.

                          IT’S ALL BECAUSE IT’S LOVE

Love is we know that our loves never need us but we badly  need them .

Love is we are inspired when coming along our loves & they are mostly  the reasons for all of our inspiration .

Love is we know that our loves never listen to us but we still give them advice .

Love is we know that our loves might never love us back but we still deeply love them .

Love is we know that our loves always turn their backs on us but we could never ever turn our backs on them .

Love is we know that our loves will never run to us whenever we need them but we will run to them at once whenever they need us . Love is we know that our loves never miss us but we truly miss them like our heart broken .

Love is we know that our loves always reject our helps but we still eagerly  give our hands to help them regardless .

Love is we know that our loves will never walk with us through our hardest moment but we are always willing to walk with them no matter what .

Love is we know that our loves will never know our deep inside painful sorrows but   we feel their pains truly like ours .

Love is we know that our loves will never care for us but we still do really care for them .

Love is we know that we might love in vain  but we still madly love them .

Love is we feel like our heart broken when they are crying .

Love is we want to spend for the rest of our lives with our loves .

Love is we want to hold our loves’ hands till the time is actually through .

Love is we are rather end up in unhappy experience as long as that we are with our loves rather than unable to be with them anymore .

Love is we want to be with our loves no matter what .

Love is we dream to be our loves’ destinies  despite the smallest chance of  coming  true .

Love is we could do anything mad that we  could not explain later on  . Love is we deeply know that our lives should be incomplete without them by our sides .

Love is our loves ‘s parts become bigger & more important  in our lives unconsciously .

Love is we don’t know exactly how our loves have done and what our loves have done to make us become  so in love with  them day after day .

Love is .......................................................................

Love is mad , love is crazy , love maKe us become literally insane  but why we all still unconditionally love our loves with all our hearts though at least it might be in vain . It’s all because THE MOST BEAUTY OF OUR LIVES  IS TO KNOW & TO FALL IN LOVE WITH OUR LOVED ONES . In a nutshell ,  IT’S WONDERFUL AT LEAST TO HAVE SOMEONE TO LOVE  ,TO CARE , TO THINK OF  RATHER THAN BEING UNABLE TO FIND OUR TRUE SOULMATES , isn’t it ?  

And when you feel that you are lost yourselves in someone else’s lives when they have come along your lives , you should know by now that you do really love them & you badly need them . Obviously , that “lost in love “ feeling is really true , really real & only your deep inner self could realize that . You might lie to yourself , lie to everyone , lie to the world but could not lie to love . NO ONE COULD LIE TO LOVE . That’s how I feel right now , right here like my uni friend .  

Simply put , THE MORE WE LOVE , THE MORE WE CARE FOR OUR LOVES DESPITE HOW BAD THEY TREAT US . Once we have lost in the insane love cycle , never ever could we get out of it . NEVER EVER COULD WE REPUDIATE OUR UNTHINKABLE PASSION .  

Undeniably  , we have already  acquainted our loves or been unable to  come back to the time where we could talk with our loves like complete strangers .  YES WE ALREADY DO KNOW THEM OR OUR LOVED ONES and it’s definitely fate  though might not necessarily end up in an ever happy ending marriages .


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Oct 26, 2009