Sea Of Suprises

Sailing through your sea of life

Plunging into the waves of emotions

Inviting me to enter…

Deepen in the mysteries of your waters

An ocean that causes such fears e joys

Knowing the most obscure sides

Surprises of a past...

Observing emotionally your sins

Losing in the vastness of your secrets

Hidden in a life of truths and lies

Seeing everything that it was needed to

And loving you still…

Sliding back to the crystal clear waters

Letting my body floating in this cleanliness

Facing what is reality and fantasy

Understanding the reasons of world

The comings and goings of the strong waves

of our special love

This worthy destiny

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4 Responses Feb 22, 2010

You have a way with the words princess, lucky one who can be your destiny.

It is not a special world for two souls to live as one. <br />
<br />
It is the one that surrounds us.<br />
<br />
I wish from the depths of my heart for everyone to know that joy.<br />
<br />
the completeness of an opened heart, and its reception by the one destined to hold it.

as cocoons they turn to beautiful butterfly's<br />
<br />
spun of golden threads , bonds meant to last<br />
<br />
special world where they belong lov like two hearts one <br />
<br />
soul bonded together special lovs smiling for eternity<br />
<br />
on the inside in out through all kinds of weather..<br />
<br />
lovely thank u for writing this..XOX *Destiny*can not run or hide from.. purfect avi too!

fate holding out its hands to the two lovers.<br />
<br />
Knowing all the mysteries of one another. <br />
<br />
So open and exposed.<br />
<br />
Each loved for their weaknesses as well as their strengths.<br />
<br />