It's My Therapy

When I need a change from my clay studio, I do beading.  I make beaded amulet bags, lavish with ornate fringes and neck pieces.  I love to work with all the glorious colours, and the fantastic shapes, and the crystals and irridescent beads and antique beads and precious stones, and make them as complex and beautiful as I can.  I also make little beaded boxes, also elaborate.  I don't usually sell them, as the time and expensive beads would command a reasonable price anywhere from $150 to $600.  So usually I give them away to special friends, or barter for stuff.   

61-65, F
5 Responses Mar 25, 2009

Yes, I do use seed beads in lots of colours and styles of beading. But I also use bugle beads and lampwork beads and Swarovsky crystal beads and antiques and precious stones and every kind of bead you can name. breakingthru, I know exactly what you mean! Nuevo, beadwork can travel with you. I just put everything in a little metal candy box and take it with me. I think we should all post pix of our work!

I love to bead also, but for me it's about the tactile experience of the beads in my hands and exploring color and shape. It's also peace of mind...a safe place for me to explore who I am and who I want to be.


I know. Beadwork has always been grossly undervalued, whether it be "Indian belts" or jewellery or beaded mocassins or high-fashion gowns. I have a friend who does beading on moosehide, exquisite, meticulous work, which she learned from her Dene grandmother. She does mocassins, slippers, mittens, and other beautiful things, and taught me how to tell handwork from cheap machine-made stuff. <br />
Beading takes so much time, and if you are using precious stones and expensive beads, plus your time and the element of originality (each of my pieces is self-designed and one-of-a-kind), you are just not ever going to get your money's worth. Unless some great fashion designer takes an interest! The seamstresses who do the incredible hand-beading on expensive gowns get paid peanuts, as if their skills had no value. Ticks me off. So, as I said, I either give my work away to special friends, or barter for stuff. I just do it becasue it's relaxing and stimulating at the same time. I love it.

I used to bead. I foregot. Maybe I should take it up again.<br />
Off topic a little but I all ways wondered how they could sell those "indian belts" and hat bands so cheep. I made a hat band and it took two days of work, on and off, but still a lot of time...DD