I Love This Style of Dance...

It makes me feel so much better about myself...even though i'm not the best at it, I love to just put on a song and let the music flow around me and suddenly i'm in a different place. I can express myself and how i'm feeling just by letting my body do the moves it naturally does...it makes me feel so much more confident because i feel more graceful (and believe me i'm not normally, in anyway, graceful) Lol It also helps me maintain my health and stress levels. I feel better after dancing for an hour and look amazing (or at least i think i do) :] So Belly dancing is my way of keeping healthy...I just wish i could open ppls minds so that when they ask if i dance, (apparently my posture has gotten WAY better and they all assume it ballet) and hear that it's belly dancing they wouldn't look at me in a strange way....but i hope that the more open about it we are the more accepting ppl will become :] well that's pretty much it....I just love to Belly Dance!!

Adaire89 Adaire89
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 2, 2009

Oh and if anyone knows of any good instructional videos and any songs pleast let me know...my dance teacher is over an hour away so i had to stop taking classes about 5months ago cause of the distance...and i'm just dying for some new choragraphy (I know i didn't spell that right) and songs to dance to....any ideas are greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!! :]