Healing Another Adult ,nuturing The Bond...i Dont Feel Sexual About Breastfeeding A Lover~

Not to say i dont find great sexual pleasure in my breasts ,because i do....but during a nursing session I find myself wanting to heal past hurts and traumas of the One I'm Loving ..Knowing that what Im sharing is healthy and good makes it that much more enjoyable for me..its very relaxing and the sharing of milk and comfort and Love~I tingle until the next time..I can tell when a Lover needs nursing and I love to be able to offer such a natural part of myself as a solution to the stresses of adult life...adults need cuddling and comfort too~and the intense bonding that comes with nursing One back to happy gives such Joy ~Sending Love~
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2 Responses May 15, 2012

you know that I could fit on top of your lap - you would need to hold me while I nurse - and yes I do need the nutrision from you sweet warm milk - I will fall asleep looking into your beautiful eyes. Now lets just snuggle down into one another! xoxo

I wish i could find a woman to nurse me..

There is nothing more beautiful in the world.