My First Anr Attempt

My first attempt at an Adult Breast feeding Relationship

I met a fellow over a Website that seemed to be very interested in ANR/ABR and had already experienced this with a friend in the past.  It took a couple of weeks before we knew enough about each other to want to meet.  He wanted to meet because he wanted to nurse, I wanted to meet to see if he was gentle enough to trust to nurse. Although I was very hot that day just thinking about it I was also very nervous and not quite sure about whether or not to actually try anything with him.  Could you imagine a complete stranger rummaging inside your blouse?

I did my best at feeling him out, asked a lot of questions, talked about our experiences and shared the deep needs an ANR would fill.  After talking for a while he put me at such ease that I was convinced he was the gentleman I was looking for and relaxed.  We got playful on the couch and then he convinced me to open my blouse enough for him to see my bra. 

I was wearing a stretchy bra that hooked on the front.  I called this my 'accessible' bra.  The kind you can peel away from you so that you can expose a whole breast or just a nipple when you want to and/or quickly let it go and it will cover any indiscretions just as fast. 

Yes I have a little 'voyeuristic' side when I'm hot :)   I decided to not only let him look but took his hand and had him hold and squeeze one breast. felt like heaven!  Slowly he maneuvered around so that he encircled me with his arms and had both his hands kneading and squeezing my breasts from behind.  This made them swell and got my nipples to poke through the bra and blouse.  My nipples happen to be thick and even when I get hot they poke through anything I may be wearing, most times this can be very embarrassing and i would cover up quickly but today I let him fondle them till they were both tingly and hard. 

He whispered, NO more like hummed in my ear 'let me take care of you, will you let me take care of you?'  He parted the neck of my blouse to uncover my very sensitive neck and started to nuzzle ... how did he know how to do that? Completely enthralled now, I watched as he unbuttoned two of my front buttons and ran his fingers from my neck to the bra clasp.

Still nuzzling my neck he turned me around and slowly nuzzled and kissed his way down to my protruding nips where he dipped his tongue deep enough behind the bra to get one wet and prepare his mouth to close around it in a soft suckle.


Fast forward months after this happened and now I WANT MORE.

I'm not lactating but let's just say, I'm very easy to induce.

Within a few days of suckling I can feel my breasts engorge and if I were to be suckled more I would be sprouting milk everywhere.

I breast fed for over a year and there was never a time when I would run dry.  My husband at the time was not interested and so I would only get relief from my straight nursing.

Over the years I remember fondly how great is was to feed and be fed from.  Relaxing, bonding and at times hot. (don't judge - I didn't do anything since my ex wouldn't go near me) 

Since I never really had the opportunity to experience anything else other than straight baby nursing I feel the need to explore and see if perhaps there is a community of like minded people in Toronto willing to share their experiences and maybe if there is a connection with one special person.... ?  I would be looking for someone who is older 55+ rather than younger.  A person who has transportation or has a stable home, is respectful, mature, gentle and interested in starting ANR.  Someone who is not just interested in me lactating but more so in suckling and bonding. 

I'm interested in hearing from Males, females, adult babies and/or anyone who is interested in chatting more about ANR/ABR.

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So sweet. I would absolutely love this. BC here

Would love to make your breasts happy again :)

Are you still looking? Tell us! Give us all an update please. Thanks

Very nice story...I hope you find someone to share this with.

That is a wonderful story. I am dreaming of getting breastfed, that must be so bonding, relaxing and exciting at the same time.

I hope a deserving person comes into you life and you BOTH treasure the gift.

I hope you find that person :)

Love your story! Wish I were living near you as I am sure you would find me suitable as a nursing partner! I love, big milk-filled breasts! You are such a woman! Good luck to you and God Bless!

Love your story! Wish I were living near you as I am sure you would find me suitable as a nursing partner! I love, big milk-filled breasts! You are such a woman! Good luck to you and God Bless!

I'm longing for that feeling. Are you lactating now? I hope it is all continuing to go well for you.

Girl that was a wounderful story. This is what I want to experience too. My husband is dying to try. We are both very open sexually so we have this need to have me share my breast with other partners while he watches.

Hmmmmmm just love this erotic and so sexy ;-)


Wow fantastic sweetie , you are so ready for this . I've been in ANR. With my girlfriend for two years now . Our bond and closeness is beautiful , the amazing beauty of suckling her is such a gorgeous feeling , and what a plus to her figure her breasts are amazingly muscle wise and shape , and her nipples wow . Gosh i hope you manage to do it full time., its so beautiful. Xx