I Used To :(

I used to do it alll the time when I was younger... but now my mom would probably look at me like I had something wrong, and go get me checked in somewhere lol.. But I'm 19 and I sleep on a bunk bed with my younger brother.. He has top, I have the bottom..I wish I could put a big comforter over the edge of his bed.. and make my own.. "room" lmbo! .. I miss the good ol' days..
Thumpur Thumpur
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2 Responses Feb 15, 2011

Lol... yea.. :( n its the 1st time I havent had my room...

its kinda sad ur 19 and gota share a room with ur little brother. I hang a transformers cover down the back and side of my bunkbed so its like a blanket fort.. and it makes a cozy wolf den lol.