How Nostalgic

I can't believe there are actually people out there with this experience! I used to really love doing this with my sis when I was younger. It's a pity that she has Down's Syndrome - it would've been funner if she hasn't. I had to direct everything, and I don't really like directing.  

SilverTrace SilverTrace
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3 Responses Jan 17, 2010

For me we used the blankets as walls for our imaginary "shops" XD.

Lol! Yup, I used to do this too when I was younger with my brothers. We used tv trays and had it all over the living room. All these "tunnels" going everywhere. Ah, good times!

I remember doing this when my siblings and I were very young..! The title of your story caught my eye , and with it a smiling memory of childhood. Thank you..!