Especially In the Desert...

Because you can sleep under the stars. When you camp in the woods you have to sleep in a tent if you don't want to wake up soaking wet. But camping in the desert is great because the air is warm and dry and the sky is clear and somehow bigger than it is in the city. Canyons are great too.

I love to camp anywhere in nature though. Being out in the middle of nowhere is so magical. I sleep better, the food tastes better, my mind becomes more and more clear the longer I am out. I also love camping with my friends because it feels like we're playing house. At each campsite we set up a kitchen area and a bedroom area and a living room around the campfire. Then some people cook and others clean and others tend to the campfire. It's the sort of thing that won't be fun ten years from now when we're all living on our own and maybe starting families, but for now it's a chance to feel grown up without all the crap that goes along with actually growing up.
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1 Response Aug 3, 2007

I just got back from camping at White Sands National Monument. It is a mind blowing experience!