I Luv To See How Long I Can Hold It For Till I Wet Myself ;d

Basically, I do this all the time, it turns me on and it's sexy ;D  Before I did this, my longest time without peeing was only 3 hours...  But afterwards...  You just have to wait and see!  Hope you enjoy ;)  (btw, believe it or not this was all real)


I woke up at 8am, ready to get ready for work, which includes drinking plenty of water (about 3 cups) eating some fruit, and having a sexy hot shower with my panties on (this turns me on and gets me ready for the day ;D I just change my panties after I shower.) Normally I would have my morning pee, but today I didn't let myself, I wanted to see how long I could go without peeing.  I was excited and turned on at the same time!  I then got dressed, putting on a seductive dark, lacy thong.  I left my matching bra at my girlfriends house, so I didn't want to wear any at all.  So I slipped on a skinny fitting black dress, carefully sliding it over my slender stomach and toned hips, as I didn't want to make my need too bad throughout the day.  I realised I was getting late, so I hurredly ran out of the front door and on my way to work, as a secretary.  I don't get bathroom breaks as a secretary, my boss doesn't let me.  He's quite a perv...  Anyway, as I arrived, I was told of by my boss for being late, then was sent straight to work.  The need to pee was already terrible, and it was only 10am...  I knew it would be a very long day from there.  

2 hours later it was my lunch break, but since I was late in the morning I knew I had a lot of work to catch up on, so I simply just had a sandwich and a large cup of coffee, and went back to work.  I was already showing tell-tale signs of desperation.  My boss just watched in delight.  

Another 2 hours later, I decided that I gave up, I was simply bursting.  I could barely move.  I planned to just beg my boss for a bathroom break, but since I wanted a long, horny pee, I forced down another 3 bottles of water.  I slipped my feet into my 4" black stillettos, and tried as hard as I could to walk casually to my boss to beg him to let me empty my bulging bladder.  I flicked my medium length pure blond hair from side to side while asking to try and convince him further that he should bend the rules just for me.  But that didn't work.  'Great', I thought, 'I'm stuck in this frikin office for another 6 hours, without any pee breaks, and I just drank another 3 bottles of water...  Argh.  

After another 2 hours I was trembling in my seat.  I occasionally let out a few bursts of pee, but stopped myself so I wouldn't ruin my £50 underwear.  (I didn't care about the chair tbh...)  I was almost crying, I had to massage my aching bladder to calm it down, but that seemed to make the urge worse.  I tucked my legs tightly under my desk, and took my hand and slipped it under my tights, and into my panties, and into my vagina.  I started stroking the velvety smooth wall of my cervix to give me a mini ******.  I let out a slight moan, which indicated for me to do it more intensely.  This seemed to help the urge calm down slightly.  Another 4 hours of this office.

2 hours more of agony and I texted my girlfriend telling her what I was doing, and she simply replied

'you little sluttt ;) You'll never get thru it, you'll just wet your seat babes, but when u get outta that office and ur still full, come to mine and we can get it on, alrite ;D' 

This made me laugh, which is not good for when you have a full bladder.  To make it worse I went into a sneezing fit!  I suddenly felt a wet patch forming around my thighs 'oh ****' I said quietly, hating my boss more and more every second.  As I thought that it couldn't get any worse, it started raining, HARD.  The sound of rain is ALSO not good for a full bladder...

Finally I was allowed to leave.  I quickly grabbed my coat, and went outside into the pouring rain.  Since it was already raining, I thought if I just sat in the corner and wet myself nobody would notice, but then I remembered what my girlfriend said...  So I started running to her house, which was about 10 minutes away, wondering if I would make it or not, chances were, I wasn't.  I let myself wet for 5 seconds every 5 minutes, so it wouldn't just all come out when I'm at Sammy's house.  

When I got to Sammy's house, I rung the doorbell, hopping from leg to leg, hoping she would answer fast, and she did.  She pulled me into her lounge, and tied me to her couch.  'Shoot, not this again, this isn't the time, I'm really desperate...' 'shut up slag, this is a punishment for you bein so naughty all week, and leaving your dirty bra here, which I'm wearing right now hahaaa' she said seductively 'alright, lay it on me babes' She slid my dress off, and put her hand under my panties and started exploring my *****, squeezing it tightly, hoping she would make me **** myself.  I moaned heavily.  She said she wouldn't let me leave, I just had to sit there and **** myself, I had no option.  I was shivering, excitement overwhelming me and my aching bladder.  She then started tickling me, and pushing on my g-spot making the urge heavier and heavier. I moaned repeatedly, then suddenly, it all just came out, like that.  She went under me, and we started f****** eachother.  'By the way, you're getting me new panties tomorrow'


Haha, so yeh, that was an amazing day, and I managed to hold it for a whole 9 hours haha, that's a record for me, coz I have a tiny weak bladder ofc.  See ya xxx

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