My Big Baby Girl.

my wife and i couldn`t have kids.but that was for the best.because now my wife wears diapers and does only what babys do.i like that shes is now helpless and incontinent just like a real baby is.i really enjoy bottle feeding and changing her diapers also caring for her all the time.i also enjoy watching her parading around our house wearing just a shirt and diaper.while nursing a baby bottle or pacifier also checking to see if she needs to be changed and changinng her diapers if need be. i enjoy having to get up several time during the night to give her a fresh bottle and changing her diapers. while watching her laying in her crib sleeping peacefully just like a real baby.i also enjoy showing off my big baby girl like when we are in public i always have her dressed in a short skirt that exposes her diaper also that she has to hold my hand the hole time.i enjoy and like changing her diapers in the back seat of my car while she nurses a baby bottle or pacifier and know matter were we go i always have a diaper bag full of everything i need to care for her.back at home she has the own room called the nursry which has a large baby crib she naps in a large play pen she play in with her baby toys while using her baby bottles and pacifiers dressed in just a shirt and diaper.then on warm day i put her playpen outside were she spend alot of time playing in the same way she dose in the house.theres also a large changing table were i chang her diapers a nursery printed rdresser were all her large baby clothes are kept.she also has her own large baby highchair she sits in wearing just a shirt and diaper a baby bib tied around her neck.while i spoon fed her baby food.she even talks like a baby and i talk to her in baby talk.i also enjoy that she now sees me as her and calls me daddy.she now has a babysitter too and now our love for each isn`t as husband wife anymore but as baby daughter and daddy now.yes my wife has regressed into a real baby again and i have become her daddy.but i wouldn`t have it any other why.please write your story i went to here from others who enjoy changing diapers.thanks.
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i started babying her but it wasn`t long before she really got into being babyed all the time.

i live in north carolina.

Were do you live