Its So Therapuetic I Cant Spell Today

 i love to color except i dont get to do it very often ..  i  really love  to use oil pastels ..  i would love to make a portrait of Jake ...  but im not that good with them maybe one day ...  I would love to take lessons ...
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1 Response May 12, 2007

difrent art methods ? .. cgi , real paint, wacom tablets .. there r sum ppl that cant draw irl, but once they tried maya and 3ds they built cities from their minds ..<br />
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check out cg talk in google, from beginners to crazy pros, all different methods, and stunning results .. i go there just to check out sum artists pix for inspiration and etc<br />
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i have a half drawn and acrylic painting .. acrylics dry so quickly so i paused .. bad move, to get a wet palete and sum other tools .. gosh its jus sitting there, i shud upload a pic hehehe :) yes im gona do it now .. wow .. ok so ur storeez led to this *yay :)!* tx :)