Saga Goes On: The Remix Of The Ring Must Be Returned! A Continuing Update For Fans

This morning,MONDAY,  my best Marlboro mixed up pen pal resurfaced from out of Africa or somewhere. It appears he had tuned into his emails and read one or two (okay, maybe a few more) from me, the owner of the ring he had!

Oh, and just like a Hallmark card, I had reached out to a family member of his too, asking his son to please remind his dad of something. You know, like pinning a note to your small child's shirt as he heads off to kindergarten, reminding him to give the note to his teacher. Same concept, except for I was much more polite with the young man, not disclosing what a  Despicable Jerk of a man his dad was but rather wished him well in his life and hoped that he had a strong mother to teach him right from wrong, how to treat women respectfully, and how to become a man of his word that she could be proud to call her son. (I've never met his mother, so I'm just praying that she is one heck of a great woman.)

Just like the long-ago case of Roe vs. Wade turned the United States upside down, the next news will be just as riveting. It's amazing what a little publicity can do, especially for those with the music turned up so loud they can't see those hurt in the wake of their mixin' to stardom. I received an email showing sheer FOLLOW-THROUGH, a true accomplishment for someone with an esteemed doctorate degree, I must say. He provided the required confirmation number and everything; however, in true tone, there was a hitch. When I looked up on usps. com, it was not confirmed. Then, I called the local post office. They explained that updating on the postal system sometimes requires time. Ugh! (You do not have time when you're dealing with people who lie! Don't they get that?)

I emailed my mystery man of music. He was appalled that I would question his actions. Imagine. A little later, I received a new email (I felt soooooooo special! lol) giving me another post office location then the first one (ahhhhhhhhhhh.............this was the dear 'ole bloke I knew...............a sudden change); however, he made a great move. It's called honesty. He must have drank too much on the flight. Never  mind that though...........he had given me the the correct post office this time and even included the phone number! My, what customer service.............from the same bloody ring holder???? who had given me every lie in the book about why he could not return my ring!

So, I called an honorable man (nice, change of pace) named Joe at the correct NY post office. Dear Joe, I could kiss him if I lived there. I explained the situation..............he's met frauds likemine all the time, he explained. We had a great conversation, and he went and searched for my package. He came back onto the phone. By this time, the usps had it confirmed and Joe was holding my envelope in his hand, ready to be shipped TODAY AND TO ARRIVE AT MY DOORSTOP BY TOMORROW AT 3 P.M.

I asked Joe some questions. Sadly, I still do not trust our MadeIN Ring-Around of stories. "Joe, what do you feel inside this envelope? Does it feel like a wedding ring.............a solitaire, sharp edged, anything?" He was sweet.............he began feeling the package and trying to explain to me his sense of touch! I love this postal worker. He says: I felt something could be a ring, but I'm sorry, it's just too hard to tell. They did not have scanning equipment at their facility. Too bad.

As I explained to Joe, it could be a rock the guy found on the way to mail the demanded for "ring." He laughed and agreed.............. He wished me the best, told me to call back if there was anything they could do to help me, and I told him how much I appreciated him.

Then, I emailed my suspicious sender and warned him that there better not be a rock of any other kind than my diamond in that envelope. He called my emails "threats." I was hurt.............cried for hours. lol (Probably need therapy now!) ha!  I explained that I did not present threats but rather promises of action if he DID NOT RETURN MY RING!

So, dear readers, the verdict of Trapped vs. MadeIN The Mixed Up will be resolved tomorrow (Tuesday, July 13) before 3 p.m. ET. That's when we shall all discover if a fraud can do one honest thing in his life when presented with a massive dose of public relation-style promises of action. One thing is true: I always keep my promises.

Again, thank you for all of your support and kindness. I'm extremely dedicated and relentless in my work. I hope it pays off tomorrow; however, if it does not, I will not give up. I never have.

Stay tuned for As the Ring Remixes,

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2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

Dear Ersatz, <br />
<br />
Thank you for such a sweet and supportive response. I appreciate that, truly. Sorry that I misunderstood you earlier. All is well between you and me!

Sorry, ersatz, why would you care? I thought you hated me........and thought I was lower than dirt. But, you are correct. I've been so stressed over other matters that I did forget to update, besides, you should read other stories about the hate this thread, remember? I tried to apologize, but you were still hateful, so how could I possibly win with you anyway? <br />
<br />
I'm unemployed and trying to get a job. I know EP is important, but since the "fraud's" job never came through, I must find a! Not sure you can relate. And, yes, I'm sure you don't care, either. That's okay............I've experienced enough unemployment rejection that your nasty comments barely phase me...........I said "barely." I still have a heart. <br />
<br />
Sorry for my neglect. I'll write one now. Forget about the job focus. I'm sure you'll be glad to find me a job, since we're so close.