The Remixed Ring Has Returned To Its Rightful!

I owe you all an least for those who cared......................for not responding sooner. Yes, the ring arrived in perfect shape on Tuesday by 3 p.m. as promised by said MadinIn the Mix.con.  

I was so proud that a person seemingly unaware of being able to follow-through on anything actually did. Perhaps, it had something to do with publicity. Perhaps not. For whatever reason, I wrote him an email to thank him and tell him that I was proud of him for being honest, at least once in his life. It should make him feel good. (He could probably care less!)

Yes, I was an idiot for giving this ring to this man; however, I did so after knowing him for several days and believing that he would be my new boss. Yes, I still am beating myself up for not thinking much more logically about this action; however, I did it, it's over, and God gave me the resources to get my ring back.

Now, I need to take pictures of it, contact my jeweler friend, and try and have it sold through a reputable man who I have done business with for years. He CAN be trusted................hopefully, the money from this transaction will get me out of this economically-depressed area and find a new, positive career in another state.

Right now, I need to secure a good job. Then, I need to work on re-establishing my relationship with my kids. They have been hurt by my unemployment......and promises I made to them because of my fake "job in NY." I resent this man for hurting my kids.

So, this story ends happily; however, many other women cannot say the same. I hurt for them. They have been used and abused by this man and his unethical ways have gone unreprimanded. This saddens me.

Again, thank you for all those who were cheering me the man who was irritated by this whole ordeal, I apologize again, and you won't have to read anymore of this, so you should be happy. Hope you never get your wedding ring stolen! ha!

Take care everyone............especially the other victims of this man's venom.

Best wishes...................and "Rock On!" lol

trappedwithoutbars trappedwithoutbars
46-50, F
Jul 15, 2010